The Story of my Life Daniella Mae Santiago

Here I am, ready to share my own story. This would be something rare but worth to be shared. Perhaps other people might learn about my story but one thing is for sure: every person has his or her own personality, but mine is entirely different.

A day must always start with a prayer. One day starts with a wonderful morning given by a powerful Creator, and thanksgiving to Him should come along the way. The moment we open and blink our eyes, hear the chirp of birds, see the early sunlight coming in, we must remember one thing ahead of the others that we should kneel down and pray, be happy and give thanks to GOD.

As the day continues, I have thought of going back to the old times, where the things of the past has already passed my timeline, where those things could not be brought back. Even how many times I think of these, I can do nothing. I can just only think of it, and reminisce.

I asked myself then if I can capture the moments, retain the images and bring them to life so that at least I can turn back time, but it says no. It says I have to face the reality, face the challenges of the present and be prepared for the future.

I still had to smile no matter what. This is me, this is who I am. Out of all the negative things, I am just strong and I can smile. I need to fight when I know that the fight is still on. I need to be strong because this makes my personality whole.

Yes, I feel like I am weary on many hard trials and challenges but I still need to continue the battle. I am not that kind of person that I have already started one thing, and then all of a sudden, just give up. I still have the will to continue, and I still have my dreams that I must achieve.

All of us are facing their own challenges in life, but many people are getting demotivated. Demotivation cannot make us strong; instead this will make us even weaker. We might feel often times that we are already tired and we almost want to give up the fight, but what will make us conquer our fears is our inspiration. If we will think of something or someone very important to us, this will make us motivate ourselves to be successful on everything we do. Starting our day asking guidance from Above, doing our stuff the whole day, and ending it with giving thanks to God, we can achieve something even more than what we are asking and expecting.

At the end of the day, I realized that I really am so blessed, and this is another thing that I should thank God for. As I started my day doing a short prayer, so as I ended it.

This is the story of my life.

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