Butterfly Rainforest February 2, 2017

Nature on Display

I really enjoyed the design of the Butterfly Rainforest exhibit, with its winding paths and changing terrain, it made it seem less like an enclosed oasis in a suburban desert, and more like an actual rainforest. The cascading waterfalls also added a nice background noise as well as helping the overall aesthetic of the exhibit.

Nature and Ethics

This exhibit I feel really enlightens the explorer to the wonders that the world provides. Growing up, butterflies were seen as elusive and magical. So being able to see a plethora of them is something that sparks the inner kid in me, and makes me want to make sure that future generations are able to experience the same joy and wonder that I am lucky enough to feel.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Nature plays an incredibly pivotal part in my life. Every time I go outside on a nice day my mood can never be bad. And vice versa, whenever the weather a gloomy I don't feel like myself. The way our humanity is so inextricably linked to the environment that surrounds us is exactly what makes us human.

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