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Growing up, I had this as a nickname. There were others, but somehow, Oracle, Ms. Knowledge, and a few others seemed to last. When I found out about the Delphic Oracle, somehow my soul resonated with the knowledge of the Sibyls, the Pythia who served there.

Alchemy is the change, the transition from one state to a higher state of being. Most remember the “turning lead to gold” part of alchemy. Only those who’ve read the books realised it was about transformation of the soul and the life being led. Alchemy was fascinating, though chemistry was always a frowning point of my life. Go figure as they’re from the same root.

This site is all about the universal energy and how we access it. Whether it’s through tarot, oracles, Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy, or meditation- the goal is to share knowledge, offer you my services, and to guide you into your own path. Once things are set up correctly, I’ll be offering classes as well.

When it comes to crystals, the focus will be on what they are, what they do, and some of the best places to acquire them. I don’t sell crystals, but I do have some places I have as my go to shops where I purchase regularly. I love crystals and have found they have a way about them that allows me to let go of emotions when I can’t do it on my own. They also are so helpful in other ways.

If you have any crystal to start, I’d highly recommend starting with a quartz crystal. Whether tumbled or as a point, it’s a crystal that can be used for almost everything in metaphysical work.

Quartz crystal cluster

Oracle cards such as Lenormand decks, Kipper cards, Chakra wisdom cards, or any deck not based on the tarot can be useful to you in many ways. Because these cards aren’t based on the major and minor arcana system, many people find them instinctively easier to use. I personally own many oracle decks and I love them I can never have enough. I fully blame Colette Baron-Reid for my growing collection along with Lucy Cavendish. As for Tori Hartman, I’m addicted to her Chakra Wisdom deck and she’s going to be releasing a tarot version.

Many people enjoy oracle readings because of the depth and flow of the readings. I admit that these have always been a favourite of mine to do. So, teaching and offering readings will always be part of this site. If you’re interested, please let me know.

Reiki is an energy modality. This energywork helps with healing both the mind and body. There are two ways for Reiki to be done- in person or long distance. It can be done for humans and animals alike. Being a Reiki master means a responsibility to help those in need, teach those who want to learn, and to talk about the universal life energy we all possess.

So if Reiki interests you or if you’d like to receive a healing, you’re in the right place. In a few months, I’ll be offering Reiki I classes.

So, I hope you find all you need and more here at the Oracle Alchemy. I hope you’ll be able to take the metaphysical and make it part of your daily journey. That as you experience life, you’re able to enjoy and revel in the universal energy in all things.

There’s always something new to learn, something new to try, and always someone new to meet. My goal is to bring this place to life with people around the globe interacting, teaching, learning, sharing their experiences. May you walk your path truly. Bendithíon.

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Ael Xander


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