Franklin Roosevelt By: addyson Ramaley, Allyson Tomford

Franklin D. Roosevelt was president during the World War 2 and The Great Depression, Franklin got a third term being president because everyone liked him and he tried to change things. The impact was that he made really good decisions and pretty much made the world come back together.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was president during the Great Depression, the Great Depression was a hard time there was lots of unemployment, bank failures, homeless and starving People. People believed in Roosevelt to change the bad times, so he closed some banks ,created food sources for people, and made a cash and carry program.

During the later 1930's Germany was preparing for a war which was World War 2, the United States was not prepared for war so people were scared. Franklin and Americans decided to help with the war by building victory gardens, eating less food, women found many jobs and many other things.

Everyone was impressed how Franklin Roosevelt fixed the problems, like the war and great depression, he made so many programs and things to try and fix the bad times. He was against hitler and was trying to make the world be a better place, he wanted peace.

Once Franklin Roosevelt died vice president Harry S. Truman became president, people disliked Truman because he had to chose between invading Japan and/or losing 1/2 million american lives. On August 6, 1945 the U.S. military sent an Atomic bomb in a Japanese city, the explosive killed about 70,000 people.

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