John Adams The xyz affair

What is the XYZ Affair?

The XYZ Affair was a diplomatic incident between France and America in the late 18th century that led to an undeclared war at sea. The US and Britain signed the Jay treaty which infuriated the french because the treaty violated earlier treaties with France and the US.

John Adams personal

John Adams was a member of the federalist party, and served as president from March 4, 1797 to March 4, 1801. He got his education at Harvard and had worked in the political offices for many years prior to being president.

John Adams and the XYZ affair

John Adams was obviously the President serving during the XYZ affair. He had a large impact in the affair. Once US signed the treaty with Britain France was furious because it violated the treaty that they had signed with the US. Because John Adams understood the anger that France had he agreed to hand them the diplomat reports from the treaty. Handing them over helped a lot because France got a much better understanding on the situation and they weren't as angry anymore. Once John Adams knew France had settled down, the US was able to create the department of the navy and warships which settled the whole conflict completely.


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