Hummingbird House Paper Plane Challenge Stellar home

One afternoon I watched a paper plane glide over our fence and land in the back yard. My eight year old son, Sam ran downstairs and opened it up and on it was a written message from his friend, Oscar. It read ‘Can you come over and play please?’ Immediately Sam made a paper plane and flew it back with the message “I’ll be there in two minutes".
It was such a creative and beautiful way for two little boys to communicate a message to each other. And so, with this in mind the Hummingbird House Paper Plane challenge was conceived.
Our aim is to promote the simple, childlike activity of making a paper plane in order to share a significant message...

At any given time around 3,700 Queensland families are living with, loving and supporting a child with a life-limiting condition.

Working together we can ensure these families have the opportunity to access 24/7 rest and relaxation breaks and a home away from home to create everlasting memories.

About The Challenge

How It Works?

1. Make a paper plane
2. Capture you flying the plane by video or photo
3. Share your video or photo using #HHPPC2017 via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
Together we can make it better! Challenge your friend to keep this message going

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