Anti-Virus Software for Operating Systems Presented to the Orange County computers department

As requested research has been done to put together a comprehensive presentation of available anti-virus software that would work best the the county's currently utilized wide-range of operating systems.

As you know in this day and age of the new progressive technology hackers and anti-virus software is a must. Especially with the sensitive information and data which is utilized and worked on in the County offices, the importance of having adequate and functioning anti-virus software can't be dismissed. The image below is the last thing you want to see on your computer screen unless you have the right product in play.

The main points of focus have in here are to find and identify a preferably low cost and low maintenance option. Low maintenance here meaning less personnel involvement is needed to update and maintain the the software; we have taken a less fingers in the pie kind of approach when looking for a way to minimize confusion when dealing with software.

Total AV, is one of the top three free anti-virus software available today. The software claims to come with over $300 of extra free tools in the premium plans. The software is rich in features and offers multi-license and multi-device compatibility. It also supports all major operating systems; the license allows 3 devices. It is described to be smooth, consistent and efficient software that’s a joy to use. Total AV software claims to speed up your computer, remove junk files, protect your computer from malware and provide internet safety. The Advanced antivirus will allow complete control when it comes to flagging, quarantining and eliminating threats. User approval ratings are as high as 96%.

ScanGuard is a relatively new product that has been making a lot of noise. The feature's list is pretty intensive, from the obvious antivirus tool to performance enhancements and internet protection. A 92% user approval and a customer service team that takes the time to make you their priority, the ScanGuard anti-virus software is highly recommended.


According to consumer reports PCProtector is a revolutionary security brand that has been developed specifically for the current market. PCProtector software are said to be simple, contemporary and incredibly easy to navigate. There are some that would go as far to say it’s one of the best on the market. A near 90% approval rating and features that include real-time protection and smart scanning, as well as a firewall and file manager and a system booster put this software in the top three of the top ten anti-virus software for 2017.

Here is a video file that show cases a few other choices for anti-virus software.

We hope you find this information helpful and instrumental in your decision process.

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Alen Ekhtiar

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