Coyote Chronicles #6 April 2017

Gearing Up for 2017 – 2018

Going into 2017-2018, we continue to make specific changes to our learning structures according to our needs and priorities at Central Campus. Having a grade 8 and 9 Campus means we are busy focusing on two transitions: one with all grade 8s being in a new school together and two, with our staff busy preparing our grade 9s for their Grad Program which starts in Grade 10 at South Peace Campus. This will be our third year with a Pod structure for classes where there is regular contact time, collaboration and a means for cross-curricular activities and community building.

We have made further adjustments to our timetable and block schedule to reflect our desire for optimal learning opportunities and to best utilize our instructional time with students. The changes create more flexibility and options with the use of our learning spaces, Prep time for teachers and what we can do for our Seminar, Exposure & Option courses. We will only have two timelines throughout the school year: 6 weeks for X1 - X6 courses and 12 weeks for Trimester 1 to 3 courses.

Please check out the following link to our website to access our Information Handout regarding Grade 9. You will find out about the following:

  • Changes to our block schedule and timetable structure
  • What learning structures and programs continue

We are looking forward to next year.

Diana Linstrom - Principal

Our amazing secretaries celebrating Secretaries Day with flowers from the staff.

Upcoming Dates

  • Trimester 3 interim reporting – reporting to students & parents by May 15th
  • Exposure 8 (X5) & Seminar 8-9 (X5) courses – end Fri, May 19th
  • Victoria Day STAT – Mon, May 22nd (no school)
  • X6 Courses (last ones) – start Tues, May 23rd
  • Grade 7s to Central Campus Visit - May 24th (9:00 – 11:45am)
  • Grade 8s sign-ups for specific Option 9 & Seminar 9 courses they want or need (i.e. French, Coding, Robotics, Metalwork, Theatre). Otherwise, students will be placed in our assigned Seminars and popular Options. Students will be able to make Seminar 9 & Option 9 switches next school year each time before the next courses start, etc. This is our routine this year and it works well.
  • Trimester 3 ends – Fri, June 23rd
  • Year-end Awards Ceremonies – Thurs, June 29th morning (Gr 8 and Gr 9 times - TBA)

Future Education & Workplace Seminars

Tuesday, May 2nd

Next Tuesday, May 2nd morning from 10:00 to 11:30am, two events are occurring at Central Campus. Our teacher teams will be in their 3rd Collaboration Sessions while our students will be in three individual seminars seeing various local presenters regarding South Peace Campus programming, Post-secondary options and employability skills & interview tips.

Ms. Lindstrom and Mr. Booker have organized 13 different Seminar choices to be available the entire 75 minutes. Our students will than chose 3 to attend. They will be 20 min each.

Overview of Sessions offered on May 2

Here is the morning schedule:

  • Block B – 8:43 to 9:45
  • BREAK - 9:45 to 9:55
  • Start @ 10:00 – Assembly with Ms. Lindstrom & Mr. Booker
  • 10:20 – 10:40 – Seminar choice #1
  • 10:45 – 11:05 – Seminar choice #2
  • 11:10 – 11:30 – Seminar choice #3

Concert Opportunity

On Mother's Day, May 14th at Unchagah Hall, there will be a Canada 150 Celebration Concert which will feature our very own Jordan Dyck (music teacher) performing a cello concerto with the orchestra. The concert will also include many SD59 students joining the choir and orchestra for the encore to perform the "unofficial" anthem of the Canada 150 events, "This Is My Home, O Canada". See the flyer below for more information.

Skills Canada

On April 3-5, 2017, Our Peace Region Skills Canada Team visited Abbotsford to participate in the BC Skills Provincial Competition at the Tradex. After competition ended on April 4, our students ended up with 3 Gold Medals, 3 Silver medals and a Bronze medal. From DCSS - Central Campus, Tyler Bondaroff won the Gold medal in the Jr. Skills Gravity Car competition while Sage Halma, who took her Bronze Medal winning car from last year, just missed out on the medals. We are so proud of all of our competitors this year! Well done!

Robb Nash

All students in grades eight and nine had the opportunity to attend a presentation with Robb Nash of the Robb Nash Project. This presentation combined live rock music, video, storytelling, and a message of hope and making positive life choices.

Visit for more information about Robb and his tour of schools around Canada.

Girls' Leadership Summit

28 girls from Central Campus along with 35 girls from South Peace campus travelled by bus to Tumbler Ridge to attend the FearlesslyGirl Summit. FearlesslyGIRL is a National movement and school program based in Toronto, ON dedicated to inspiring young women across Canada & the US to be kinder to themselves and each other. Since 2012, FearlesslyGiRL has reached over 50,000 girls in over 150 schools & universities in 10 provinces. This fun, innovative one of a kind FearlesslyKiND In School Summit impacted our girls and provided them with the tools to create change, forgive each other, and heal the devastating effects of girl against girl bullying, creating a KINDER Girl World in the process.

Trimester 2 Honour Roll

Congratulations to our 109 students who made it onto our Honor Roll list for Trimester 2 (December – March). Each one of them received their certificates along with their names on our Awards Wall at the downstairs intersection. Well Done! We are proud of you all.

Grade 8

Honours (A average)

  • Nicole Anonuevo
  • Courtney Berg
  • Alexis Conroy
  • Karlee Dahlen
  • Karma Hamilton
  • Joel Harris
  • Darielle Hill
  • Sarah Kim
  • Markus Meyer
  • Joelle Paulin
  • Jamie Peters
  • Rahel Stirmer
  • Titus Willms
  • Kylie Capelle
  • Brinne Remfert
  • Grace Waddell
  • Averee Whitewood
  • Jilleena Schultz
  • Kaylee Hannas
  • Sheann Madayag
  • Emma Wiebe
  • Adam Fodor
  • Isabella Jonsson
  • Bailey Shoemaker
  • Gabriella Berbenzana
  • April Cormier
  • Samara Sutton

Honours with Distinction (All A's)

  • Ashley Anderson
  • Tim Bieri
  • Gabby Capelle
  • Sophie Chandler
  • Miya DeVuyst
  • Jayden Easingwood
  • Layla Hingley
  • Aiden Lorinz – Bowman
  • Tionna Lenart
  • Dakotah Ruel
  • Sarah Smith
  • Cadence Spenner
  • Kendyl Stark
  • Sasha Willgrass
  • Marley Wolff

Grade 9

Honours (A average)

  • Dawson Spacil
  • Blake Reymerink
  • Karington Schwertner
  • Kimberly Smith
  • Kasey Walker
  • Makenna Biegel
  • Megan Jamieson
  • Abbi LeFresne
  • Ryker Mayhew Cochrane
  • Daniella Pamittan
  • Alex Rafol
  • Luc Richer
  • Katherine Villanueva
  • Jesseca Sheldon
  • Aidan Armitage
  • Nolan Krane
  • Callista Delitsikos
  • Gage Erickson
  • Dylan Schneider
  • Brooke Swaffield
  • Jackson Price
  • Jenna Wassenaar
  • Rachel Fonda
  • Ashley Anne Dimapilis
  • Dani LeMaitre
  • Jorja Bassett
  • Francesca Cabrera
  • Julia Evans
  • Joshua Cork
  • Lina George
  • Kimberly Rude
  • Brook Joyce
  • Hannah McCarthy
  • Peyton Yakabuski
  • Maggie Dettieh
  • Jessie Grant
  • Kyla Mayer
  • Marissa Rudyk
  • Hayden Sterling
  • Emir Zejnulahovic
  • Drake Taylor
  • Katlyn Bassett
  • William Hamilton
  • Arman Hirani
  • Pacey Keith
  • Liam Trasy
  • Tyler Wessell
  • Jordy Wilde
  • Jordan Paulin

Honours with Distinction (All A's)

  • Tyler Bondaroff
  • Arianna Crandall
  • Devyn Dilworth
  • Kaia Embree
  • Giana Ford
  • Avery Gaucher
  • Sam Graham
  • Sarah Heartt
  • Rebekka Humborstad
  • Chad Lawson
  • Jenna Meszaros
  • Brennon Schwartz
  • Alicia Sorken
  • Naemi Stirmer
  • Izaak Tryon
  • Zack Wiebe
  • Mikaila Wilson
  • Tony Zejnulahovic
  • Martina Zeimer
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