The clare Rhoades memorial fund Transforming lives in Khatamma, Nepal in partnership with the dZi Foundation

The dZi Foundation has created a powerful model that empowers people in some of Nepal's most isolated communities to transform from abject poverty to permanent prosperity.

This work also transforms donor dollars into lasting impacts with unmatched efficiency and sustainability.

Clare Rhoades with Richard and Mingmar on the top of Thorong-La on the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal.

The friends and family of Clare Rhoades have decided to honor her vibrant life through partnering with the dZi Foundation to bring much needed health, education, and income generation support to 2,363 people in Khatamma, one of Nepal's most isolated villages.

Clare Rhoades on the trail to Dhaulagiri.

Clare Rhoades was an avid adventurer, artist, caregiver, athlete, and friend whose life was deeply touched by the people she met in Nepal during her many adventures there.

The Clare Rhoades Memorial Fund was established to honor her legacy through providing direct, lasting, and meaningful assistance to the people of rural Nepal.

Introducing Khatamma

Life in the village of Khatamma is extremely difficult.

This isolated community is located in Nepal's rugged middle hills, in the remote Eastern district of Bhojpur. Days away from a reliable road or government services, the ten public school buildings here are crumbling around young students. Walking to school across shoddy bridges and steep paths can be deadly. School attendance rates are very low.

The Gurans Primary School in Khatamma. The building is made from mud and stone, and lacks even the most basic facilities. Classes are currently being held in this building.

There are no opportunities to earn an income, and families only know how to grow a few types of vegetables. Only 29% of households have enough food to last for more than 9 months each year.

Government Health Post and Town Offices, Khatamma

We Know A more prosperous future for Khatamma is possible.

The key is to utilize one resource that other development agencies tend to overlook:

The people themselves.

the dZi Vision:

Over the next three years, we will launch our proven Deep Development methodology that will transform the lives of 2,363 people in Khatamma.

First Year Outcomes:

  • Empower community groups to design and implement a series of neighborhood projects of their choosing.
  • Design and implement one or two larger-scale projects that support the entire community. This could be a new school facility, a drinking water system, or a comprehensive sanitation program.

Anticipated Impact:

10 projects, benefitting 2,363 people with $2,000 worth of local contribution in labor and materials when valued at local rates.

Second and Third Year Outcomes:

  • Design and implement two more large projects of the community's choosing. These may include another school building, a large irrigation system or more clean drinking water systems.
  • Launch our income generation and nutrition projects, which help local households eat more healthy vegetables and earn new income with cash crops.

Anticipated Impacts:

240 people save time and are healthier from a new drinking water system. 650 people benefit from a community building designed to host local trainings, social events, and town meetings. Better nutrition and increased incomes for 400 families. $17,400 in local contribution.

Our model empowers community members to contribute time and materials to the projects they choose.

We estimate that the local community will match dZi's funding with at least $19,400 in equivalent labor and materials valued at local rates.


This is an opportunity to spark a process that will change the lives of 2,363 people, on their own terms. And for good.

We have set a goal of raising $100,000 per year for three years to make this project possible. The dZi Foundation will implement and oversee all of the project design and implementation to the highest standards of efficiency and transparency. This includes a possible trip for supporters to visit Khatamma and to witness the impact of their donation first hand.

Please consider joining us in celebrating Clare's extraordinary life by contributing to the Clare Rhoades Memorial fund today.

To get in touch with any questions about Khatamma, or making a donation to the Clare Rhoades Memorial Fund, please contact our Executive Director Ben Ayers (ben@dzi.org).

To learn more about dZi, please visit our website below.

Thank you!
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