-ER Verb Conjugations Regular Verbs - Present Tense

Verb examples:

beber - to drink

esconder - to hide

aprender - to learn

*The root of the verb is the part of the verb without the -er ending (ex: beber root: beb-)

To conjugate - add the pronoun-specific ending to your root and your verb is conjugated!

Beber aprender esconder

YO - beb-o, aprend-o, escond-o

TÚ - beb-es, aprend-es, escond-es

ÉL/ELLA/USTED - beb-e, aprend-e, escond-e

NOSOTROS - beb-emos, aprende-emos, escondem-os

**VOSOTROS - beb-éis, aprende-éis, escond-éis

ELLOS/ELLAS/USTEDES - beb-en, aprend-en, escond-en


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