Work hard to succeed By:jadon mercado

Of Mice and Men

George and Lennie are two men looking for a job to make money so they can have their own land and farm.

In the beginning of the story George said "there is a path through the willows and among the sycamores(page 1)."

I think that mean that he knows that they can do what they always dreamt of.

The scarlet ibis

In the scarlet ibis doodle couldn't walk so his big brother said he would teach doodle to walk

“I would teach him to run, to swim, to climb trees, and to fight. He, too, now believed in my infallibility, so we set the deadline for these accomplishments less than a year away, when, it had been decided, Doodle could start school.”

It took the narrator a long time to teach doodle how to walk. Doodle did almost give up a few time but eventually they were successful and doodle was able to walk the narrators dream had been made because he tried and worked hard to teach doodle how to walk


In zootopia Judy a bunny had a dream to make the world a better place by being a cop

Nobody believed that Judy would ever be a cop because she was a bunny and she was small. She worked hard to become a cop. In the academy she struggled a lot but she worked hard and trained to be a cop when she became a cop she had made her dream come true.

She truly believed she was going to be a cop from the beginning because she said anyone can be anything she also had a great amount of motivation

So what? Impact

If you are chasing a dream you are working for your dream. When you work for somthing it feels better then if someone had gave it to you. In life you have to work to get through life.

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