F451 Q 24-28 Evan Huff p.5

24. What is the meaning of the title of Part 2? 24.

The title of part 2 is about one of Montag's child hood events. Montag’s cousin told him that he would give him a dime if he could fill the sieve with sand. Of course no matter how much sand he put in the sieve he could never fill it because the sand fell through the gaps. This is a metaphor for how Montag feels about knowledge. He thinks that no matter how many books or information he reads, he will forget the words or information. This makes him begin his objective of remembering a book.

25. What is the importance of the dentrifice commercial?

The Dentrifice commercial represents the rest of the society in F451 and how they hear the commercials and remember or memorize them as they are played loudly through the train. The people are remembering things that don't mean anything and are un helpful and it confuses and makes Montag angry as he is trying to fill his mind with something important.

26. Why does Montag go to see Faber?

Montag looks for Faber because he is looking for help. He wants to know what is so important about books. He also wants Faber to help him plan a trap on all the firemen of the city in the hopes of getting rid of the need for "firemen" forever.

27. What does Faber tell Montag about books?

Faber informs Montag that it is not books he is looking for, but the information that is in books that allowed people to put pieces of the universe together in order to gain an understanding for things and how they work at one time.

28. What are the three things which Faber says are missing from society?

Faber says that good information, free time to think and understand the good information, and the right to try out different things based on what they learned from first two things listed. Thats what is missing from the society.

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