Sarah Sira Gardner

My story is about my close friend, Sarah. She takes a mixture of honors and AP classes, does many after school clubs and activities, works two jobs, and has to take care of her little brother. Sarah moved here from Brazil in 6th grade and was an outsider to start off middle school. I met her in 8th grade, and the more I learned about her the more her story inspired me. Born when her mother was only 19, Sarah grew up without a father figure for a lot of her life, until her mom met her stepfather. Sarah works two jobs and the majority of that money goes to paying off her car, buying the groceries for her family, and doing things for herself. Then comes school, where she pushes herself and works hard to achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer. I want people to know how incredibly hard she works to get to accomplish her goals even when the world seems to be going against her. I want people to be inspired and proud of Sarah and her story just like I am everyday when I see her strength. I tried to show this by showing little snippets of Sarah’s life. To show the love she has for her little brother, the amount of work she has in a night, and grocery shopping. I wanted to show the true Sarah: loving, caring, driven, and self-less.

Sarah's Little Brother Brian
Every night Sarah has lots of homework on top of going to work to make money.

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