The Happiness Tour El Salvador

Why El Salvador?

El Salvador is a beautiful little country, similar to many in Central America, rich in majestic volcanoes, gorgeous mountain ranges, rolling hills, and a bounty of lovely beaches. What touched my heart most about El Salvador was the kindness and deep appreciation for each other and travelers visiting the country that I had rarely ever experienced anywhere else. It was eye contact. It was a smile around every single corner that made me feel welcomed. El Salvador grabs you by the heart and makes you feel things you've never felt before.

What is the Happiness Tour?

The Happiness Tour came to be coined as it is after I'd returned from El Salvador, filled with goodness and peace that naturally happens while spending time in El Salvador. I took that goodness and peace to my local Zumba class and inspiration hit me hard. My Zumba studio, CM's Fitness, is a diverse and ever welcoming fitness studio that brings a diverse group of people together through Zumba and fitness. I was in a Zumba class and during the last song, we all held hands and danced together and that's when I got the idea of bringing the happiness that is our little Zumba community to El Salvador and sharing all of our happiness, acceptance and support and that of others to El Salvador.

The true spirit of Cm's fitness.

The premise of the Happiness Tour is to do good and to feel good doing so. It is to allow travelers experiences that gently nudge them out of their comfort zone and into a place of being present. It is about realizing the potential not only within themselves but within those that "appear" less fortunate. It's about breaking down cultural stereotypes. It's about helping those who help others continue to do the work they do by offering up a helping hand, after all, it does take a village to raise a child.

What exactly will we be doing?

We will be splitting our time in El Salvador between two destinations: Las Flores and La Libertad. Las Flores is a small community about 2 hours away from San Salvador. Our time will be balanced between volunteer work at the local school and a Zumba class with the locals and exploration of the beautiful countryside of El Salvador. Surfing, boating, hiking and just lounging in hammocks on the cliff side reflecting on our time well spent giving back.

Welcome to Las Flores, El Salvador

After a couple of days in Las Flores, we will move on to La Libertad. La Libertad and the surrounding area is a surfers haven but is also a quaint fisherman's village. It is also home to the Remar home for abandoned children, which is where will be spending some of our time helping them with needed projects AND providing a fun Zumba party for the kiddo's who call the orphanage their home.

This is Maria, the Director of Remar who has dedicated her life to caring for the abandoned Children of El Salvador. This is the woman we will be supporting in her life's mission.

While in La Libertad, you may find that you want to spend more days working at Remar because you have fallen in love with the children and Remar's mission and that's okay, spend more time there. If you need time to reflect and regroup and balance the emotions that will naturally come to you with physical activities, go surfing. It's the ultimate experience in learning to be present and focused.

When will be going?

April 23-30.2017

Where will be staying?

We will find ourselves in the simple yet beautifully located AST surf hotels in both Las Flores and La Libertad. Accommodations will be shared with your traveling friends. Daily breakfast will be included in your stay as well as all excursions, transfers and activities.

We won't go empty- handed.

We come from a life of abundance and whether we realize it or not, we have a lot to share with those in need and so do our neighbors, our co-workers, etc. That being said, there will be a list of needed donations for the school and orphanage that I will share with you and each and everyone of us will do our part to bring down a few things that will help enhance and support the lives of those we will be working with.

What next?

The next step is for you to commit to making a difference in other's lives. It's deciding that you are ready for a change of perspective.

Contact me via email at or call me at 612-532-5387 to reserve your space.


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