Alper Tunc Films 2021 wedding Pricing Guide

hi there.

I'm Alper and I'd love to film your big day.

"Why do we need a wedding film?" you ask?

here's why:


Let's be honest. Even if we want to remember everything forever, we won't be able to recollect every teeny tiny detail of our big days as the time passes. And that's where I come into play. You could say, my films are the Delorean and you are Marty McFly and Doc Brown because just like the Delorean my films let you travel through time or better in your memories. You see the clashing waves on the beach, hear the laughter of your favorite grandma, watch yourselves celebrating and having fun with your friends and families and there it is again. That feeling. The excitement. The goosebumps. You're back in the midst of events enjoying every moment with your loved ones over and over again. And that's exactly my aim. With my films I want to create your visual heirloom that even your children and grandchildren will enjoy watching.


As individual as my clients and their weddings are, my favorite parts are always the spoken words. Be it funny conversations during the preps or the personal vows during the ceremony or the speeches of your parents, bridesmaids and your best men. These words make every (wedding) day unique and also bring my films alive. Also, imho speeches are worth way more than just a still photo, they deserve moving images that capture your shaky voices when reading your vows, your facial expressions when tearing up and your gestures when you tell how you met. That's what it's all about in the end. Emotions.


The past years as a wedding videographer have shown me: Your wedding will pass like a blink of an eye. All those tiny and BIG moment. Those, that you experience yourselves and those that you didn't even know were happening until you see my films. While on the job, I’m always in „ninja mode“, filming discreetly out of the background; always on the hunt for the right moment. Many of my couples wonder „how the hell did you get that shot, you weren’t even there“, but I was. That’s how low-key I am. But don't worry, I don't wear a black mask, I blend in to your wedding party perfectly so that many of your friends think that I'm just "a normal guest with a camera". ;)

Well... Now you're curious about my pricing, aren't you?


Included Services:

  • One videographer
  • travel and accommodation in and 100km around Vienna, Austria
  • Detailed (online) meeting with the couple
  • 7 straight hours coverage on your wedding day
  • Documentary style filming
  • Cinematic edit of a 3 - 5minutes highlights film
  • Music licensing (without German GEMA)

EUR 2.000,-*

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Approx. 15-17minutes documentary-film EUR 750,-
  • Bonus material (speeches, performances etc.) EUR 500,-
  • Second videographer EUR 750,- / 10 hour coverage (recommended for weddings with more than 150 guests)
  • Additional hour on location EUR 250,- per videographer
  • 4K resolution filming and finished products EUR 500,-

The travel and accommodation costs are not included in the mentioned prices and will be charged separately / booked by the couple.

The optional add-ons are only bookable in combination with a whole day coverage.

*This quote includes publishing rights of the highlights film for marketing purposes of the videographer (on e.g. websites, blogs, social media). Therefore a discount of EUR 600,- was granted. If you do not want the film to be published this discount is void. This offer is nonbinding and subject to change. This offer is valid for three weeks from the date of mailing.

What some of my past couples say

"I cried. You're really an amazing artist. My grandfather is 96 so anytime I get to spend with him is such a gift. I don't have the words to describe how thankful I am that because of this video his personality, image and voice will forever be frozen in time so beautifully. I'll treasure that forever." Silvia & Justin
"We didn't know that we needed a wedding film until we saw your work. Thanks for documenting our big day" - Jördis & Thilo
"We really thought long about hiring a videographer for our wedding and luckily decided that we needed one. I'm crying every time I watch this masterpiece and can't get enough of it. That was definitely the best investment we had for our wedding and will remind us of our big day for a lifetime." - Klaudi & Taui
"Dear Alper, the video is amazing and really emotional, just beautiful! Every time we watch it, we're back in the moment and the feeling we had so that we tear up... :) And you achieve that with your "work". Thank you so much! " - Ilka & Michael
"Baaam!!!!! We're totally amazed and really touched by our film!!!! It doesn't really happen often (let's say never) that I'm sitting on the couch in the morning crying! :-) Thank you so so much!!!!" - Saskia & Fabian
"Dear Alper, wow, we are really happy about this video. It's really awesome and we are loving it. Thank you very much. It's just gorgeous." - Mayuko & Pierre
I look forward to hearing from you!
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