May 2015

Welcome to the Rubaroc Newsletter! We hope you enjoy learning all about the current news at Rubaroc!

Message From the President

The pace is picking up speed at Rubaroc! Feedback from our Installers express that their business is starting much earlier in the season and with a BANG!

There are 2 key dates coming up; May 2-4 weekend & the end of the school year. This is the hottest time to get out there! Aim to leverage the pressure of the season to generate more sales. People are anxious to improve the look of their property so, use your skills & strive to sell more! Our goal this year is to have our communication lines clearly open, enough material on hand to prevent any delays or hurdles with Rubaroc installations and a smooth process from start to finish. I encourage all of our Installers to ensure that all calculations are accurate; in return, order enough material & early on. It’s better to have adequate material on hand than to run out or wait a few days for shipping.

Pretty sure we can all agree that all that's missing in this picture is some Rubaroc!

I am extremely pleased to announce 2 very notable accomplishments. Justin Laws (from Ontario Rubber Installations) in Hamilton, Ontario has a signed contract for a playground installations in the 6 figures. Congratulations Justin!! Secondly, Matt Sadl (from C & M Concrete) in Fenton, Missouri has signed one of the largest single Rubaroc Installer jobs to date in excess of 10,000 sq ft. Continue reading this newsletter to see incredible before & after pictures of this developing project. Congratulations Matt!

I wish all of our Installers a successful 2015 Rubaroc season! Please do not hesitate to contact any of our staff members with any questions, concerns or updates that you’d like to share with us. As mentioned in the April Rubaroc Newsletter, we have the necessary measures put in place to secure the growth of Rubaroc; communication, support & product availability are all put in place to ensure a smooth flow of business.

Brian Field

President of Rubaroc

Breaking News

Our proprietary EPDM Rubber has improved & is better than ever!! It is virtually dust free & trowels like a dream! More importantly, it requires less solvent in the installation process. In addition, it has exceptional drying time in all conditions. We have received great reviews from our Installers that have used our new Rubber!

We would highly recommend that you purchase our UV Commercial resin for future installations. It is a fabulous, “all-in-one” resin that has exceptional drying time in all conditions! UV Commercial does not require an accelerator & does not result to ambering. What’s even better is that our UV Commercial is cheaper than UV Pro.

1. With the introduction of the new UV Commercial resin, please remember to not mix up or confuse resins on a job site. If using the UV Commercial resin to mix with rubber, the same resin must be used for the entire job. Do not use up left over Standard resin on a UV Commercial job; this will result in ambering. Be sure to use the same resin to make the primer with what was used to mix the rubber with!

2. Try a blend of 20% Premium Rubaroc & 80% Classic Rubaroc & you’ll get more coverage out of a bag!!

3. Cleaning Rubaroc depends on the system; if it is our sealed system for food prep and organic materials areas you can use any type of conventional mop to clean the surface. With our porous surface for entry ways and locker rooms a steam cleaner or vacuum is recommended.

4. The Adobe Fill & Sign App is available for customers to sign Quotes on the spot. It is a very efficient method to process orders faster. If you set up your quotes in the morning, clients can sign using this app, email their signatures to yourself & process the orders instantly! How's that for saving time?! Thanks to Sam Meakings for the tip!

5. Phil Seely from (Southeast Safety Surfacing) is recommending a kit available to smartphones to show pictures more clear. The kit listed at this link will solve problems such as battling with glare & oblique sunlight. You get a wide angle, fisheye, macro, telephoto – and most importantly a polarizing filter to cut the glare and sunlight. Thanks Phil!

Proof that Rubaroc Lasts!!

Our Rubaroc Installers should feel very privileged to provide the best possible non-slip rubber surfacing product around! Our brand has been installed for over 32 years, all around the world with great success! Projects installed over 32 years ago are still there today…. that should speak for itself. Besides a good cleaning, Rubaroc stands the test of time. Along with our Rubaroc Installers, credit goes out to our installers as well for making Rubaroc the successful brand it is today! We all deserve the credit!

Rubaroc is the original rubber safety surfacing & we can prove it! Rubaroc was installed at the Whiteface CISD Natatorium in Texas over 25 years ago. Recognizing the durability & safety feature of Rubaroc, they got to do it all again! Brent Scoggins from KBS Customs & Surfacing and his team removed the existing flooring, cleaned and replaced it with Rubaroc safety surfacing. This memorable project was 6000sq ft. Check out Facebook - KBS Customs & Surfacing for more information, pictures & a video. Brent is fabulous at design work & always on the run. Keep up the great work Brent!

Before pictures - This 25 year old Rubaroc job stood the test of time!
Beautiful transformation that just had to be done again, 25 years later!

Recent Installations

The Dallas National Golf Course is a private club for prestigious members including high-powered CEO’s, ex-presidents of USA and sports celebrities to mention a few. Rubaroc was invited again to beautify their property as well as to deaden the impact of the ball as it would bounce on concrete.

Dallas National Golf Course --- Before & after pictures.... what a beautiful transformation!
Dallas National Golf Course Rubaroc installation in April 2015

As an added feature, check out the youtube video created by Phil Seely from Southeast Safety Surfacing. The video shows how Rubaroc provides less of a bounce to the golf ball. To have one of most exclusive golf courses install Rubaroc validates that Rubaroc is the way to go! Enjoy the video.

So many applications...... so little time!

As we all know, the possibilities with Rubaroc are endless. We're providing you with ample ideas to pursue at the hottest time..... now! Thank you to Mark Henderson, Anthony McRae, Jeremy Blum, Anthony Heaney, Matt Sadl, Justin Laws, Rob Reeve, Derek & Deanna, Rene & Camille, Sam Meakings and Dean Binette for providing us with beautiful pictures of Rubaroc installations! Fabulous work everyone & it shows! Keep the pictures coming and thanks again for sharing!

Sport Court & indoor Pool Deck - Mark Henderson of Pools and Spas Unlimited of Milford, Delaware
Splashpad - Mark Henderson of Pools and Spas Unlimited in Milford, Delaware
Speedboat - by Anthony McRae of North West Safety Surfacing in Thunder Bay, ON
Stairs - by Anthony McRae of North West Safety Surfacing in Thunder Bay, ON
Driveway - by Anthony McRae of North West Safety Surfacing in Thunder Bay, ON
Garage Floors - Anthony McRae of North West Safety Surfacing in Thunder Bay, ON
Pool deck - Jeremy Blum of Fairfield Pools in Fairfield, Connecticut
Pool Deck - Anthony Heaney of Hampton Rubber Surfacing in New York, USA
Indoor room - by Matt Sadl of C and M Concrete in Fenton, Missouri, USA
Patio & Playground - by Justin Laws of Ontario Rubber Installations in Hamilton, ON
Change room & Basement floor - Justin Laws of Ontario Rubber Installations in Hamilton, ON
Walkway & Splashpad - by Rob Reeve of Southwest Safety Surfacing in Chatham, ON
Storage Facility & Hot Tub area by Derek & Deanna of Decked Out Home & Patio in BC, Canada
Pool deck & basement stairwell by Rene & Camille of Clinique De Piscine in Quebec, Canada
Kitchen counter top by Sam Meakings of Prestige Surfacing in Oakville, Ontario
School playground by Sam Meakings of Prestige Surfacing of Oakville, Ontario
Jogging track in Cancun, Mexico in 1997
Sport court & Entrance - Dean Binette of Reddy 24-7 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Rubaroc Installers in the Spotlight!

Matt Sadl of C & M Concrete In St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Matt Sadl (C & M Concrete)

Matt is making history with Rubaroc! Although he is a specialist in traditional & architectural/stamped concrete surfaces, his passion for Rubaroc is evident. “Rubaroc is fluid, it can be manipulated into a myriad of design possibilities,” says Matt. He continues to say “the flexibility of the rubber surfacing means that beautiful works of art can be incorporated into a flooring surface that also is crafted to reduce the risk of slips & falls.” It is with great pleasure to acknowledge & congratulate Matt Sadl & his crew for the Rubaroc installation of over 10,000 sq ft in Lake of the Ozarks project! The installation is in progress. Here are some pictures that are available…. What a view!

Beautiful transformation @ the Lake of The Ozarks property in Missouri, USA & a stunning view to match!
Another fine example of how Rubaroc enhances the beauty of the property!
This transformation speaks for itself.... Style, safety & beauty all-in-one!
Impressive detail work of the St. Louis Rams logo! Check out C & M Concrete's website for the installation video provided.

The enormous project in The Lake of the Ozarks is currently in progress. Look out for the June Rubaroc Newsletter for more stunning pictures of Rubaroc Installer..... Matt Sadl's incredible project.

Justin Laws (Ontario Rubber Installations)

Justin originally joined Rubaroc as part of our installation crew but knew he was onto something big after his first installation. He has been a Rubaroc Installer since 2010 & was awarded with “Master Installer” in 2012. He is currently a RubarocPro Elite Installer. Due to his rapid growth, he has recently acquired an office complete with a showroom. It is with great pride to acknowledge that Justin truly loves Rubaroc, shares ideas on how to improve/modify existing materials and is content only if the job is done perfectly! Justin is also first in line to support fellow Rubaroc Installers by visiting them @ home shows or helping new or existing Rubaroc Installers with installations. Congratulations to Justin for signing a playground contract in the 6-figures! Well deserved!

This Rubaroc installation was done over 5 years ago by Justin & this is how it looks as of April 2015.... the durability is incredible for the amount of foot traffic!!!
Sharp looking playground & patio by Justin Laws
Rob Reeve from Southwest Safety Surfacing in Chatham, ON
Rob Reeve (South West Safety Surfacing)

Rob is a machinist by trade however; his interest in Rubaroc was captured immediately. A career change into becoming an Authorized Rubaroc Installer has not lead Rob to look back once. Within the past 5 years Rob has installed Rubaroc on various applications including playgrounds, walkways and numerous pool decks. He has a steady flow of business every year. With great pride, Rob ensures that each & every Rubaroc installation has our plaque embedded into the application. Thank you Rob for your passion for Rubaroc!

Unique Splash pad, pool deck & patio installed by Rob Reeve of South West Safety Surfacing In Chatham, ON

Strength in Numbers

It’s all about Teamwork! Rob Reeve (from South West Safety Surfacing) and Justin Laws (from Ontario Rubber Installations) partnered up & installed Rubaroc to an indoor pool deck at a Super 8 hotel in Sarnia, ON in April 2015. Beauty, comfort & safety all in one! Hotel Management & guests feel secure with Rubaroc. Great job guys!

Great teamwork by 2 Rubaroc Installers - Awesome job by Rob Reeve, Justin Laws & crew!

Down History Lane

We have 2 monumental Rubaroc installations. The first one is......

"Wrinkle in the Quilt"
Extremely unique Playground in Atlanta, GA. Spectacular job!!!

This installation was done in Atlanta, Georgia In June 2006. To date, it is the most vertical playground installed with Rubaroc! It's still looking fabulous for an 11 year old job! Impressive work Barry Meakings Jr!

The second monumental Rubaroc installation was.....

Maple Leaf Square Day Care Centre
Maple Leaf Square Day Care Centre in Toronto, Ontario

This 5000 sq ft daycare Center is located in the brand new Maple Leaf Square buildings in Toronto. Because of Rubaroc's safety feature this installation was unquestionable for the heart of Toronto's day care facility. The colour used for this Rubaroc installation in May 2011 was Caspian & was also done by Barry Meakings Jr.

That is one of the biggest advantages of being a Rubaroc Installer; Rubaroc training & access to our proprietary products enable you to continue to make history with the best available no-slip rubber safety surfacing product around! Our brand of rubber has improved over the years and our UV Commercial resin is better than before. We strive to be the best and together, we will!

Rubaroc Website

We are extremely pleased with the developments of our website. It is extensive, modern, informative, organized & interactive. All the facts are conveniently located in one site. The amount of information that is readily available about Rubaroc, our Installers and Upcoming Events is bountiful. Please check out our website at to see for yourself! You will be impressed!

Contact Information

Please contact any staff member with any concerns.

USA 1-877-782-2762

President & Installation Support: Brian Field (

Technical Support: Barry Jr. Meakings(

Head of Business Development:Barry Meakings Jr.(

Warehouse Managers: Aaron Achterberch

Administrator: Tammy Moradi (

Canada 1-855-766-7822

Administrator: Kellie Dawson (

Dealer Support: Alain Meakings (

Marketing Manager: Alain Meakings (

Dealer Support: Toula Bobotsis (

Technical Specialist: Tom Welfare (

Head of Installations: Julian Salaberri (

Warehouse Distribution Manager: Rob Dawson (

Hope you enjoyed the May edition of the Rubaroc Newsletter! We encourage you to take pictures & videos of your work; YOU could be advertised next!!! Keep an eye out for our next monthly newsletter!

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