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If you are going to spend money on entertainment it needs to be two things: entertaining, obviously, and memorable for all the right reasons. One of the things that makes entertainment memorable is if it is tailored especially for your group. If it features themes and personalities that mean something to them it's going to last longer in the memory than something is generic and off the shelf.

That's where we come in.

Twenty five years in the entertainment industry creating shows and characters that are unique to a particular group of people means we can deliver on our promise to give your people a great time.

"The way you started off which had the audience on your side within 30 seconds! I've been racking my brains over it for days trying to figure out WHY it worked, and I still don't know! ...you obviously know your stuff (which I knew and which is why I hired you)." Francesco van Eerd, Fragrifert
Characters and entertainment to suit any theme or audience

Here's some of the different ways we can help entertain any audience:

Improvised Comedy Shows

Improvised Comedy is a fantastic way to keep an audience engaged. They are seeing their own material delivered in a fun, energetic way.

Improvised Comedy has been around for a while - but yet again it hasn't. That's the great thing about it, no two shows are the same. And when it's performed by people who are experienced in reading a crowd it makes for fantastic fun. Other entertainment options are simply "off the shelf" but improvised comedy is being customised for the audience in real time - it's their suggestions that drive the action.

We add another layer to things by making sure we've had a great briefing from you to let us know what's unique about your group. What makes them tick, their experiences, their personalities and their themes all get fed into our shows to make them super relevant and one of a kind. It's hard to honestly say, "I've seen it all before" because you haven't. It's fresh every time. It's also appropriate, we're not about offending or embarrassing people.

The team you'll have from Greg Ellis Creative will be even more concerned about giving your guests a good time than you are

"...the delegates thought they were great. Of special note was the Shakespearian segment - very clever." Brenda Allum, Sports Medicine NZ

Characters are great icebreaker so - they give your guests something to talk about and they set the scene.

There's nothing like having some characters on hand to help reinforce a theme you might have for an event too. Think of us as human theming. Our performers are all experienced and professional and know exactly how to pitch their performance perfectly to keep your guests entertained.

A selection of various characters we've used for different events over the past few years - each of them unique to their event

We'll come up with the perfect characters for your event in conjunction with you, taking great care to make sure they fit with the guests, the venue and the purpose of your eventI. We can also MC your events in character to further enhance your message.

Musical Comedy

We've won awards for our musical comedy and it's something we'd love to share with your guests. Using the same techniques we employ for our Improvised Comedy Shows we create unique musical shows where the audience suggest the themes, the titles and even the styles of music!

"In a word - brilliant." Joanna Batchelor, Plumbing World

From a singer and a keyboard player to a band of over 20 we've tried them all and our musical comedy sits either in its own bracket during the evening or we can weave it throughout your event.

Putting it all together

Characters, a comedy show and an MC all in one place? Sure!

We can mix and match our entertainment to combine all sorts of different aspects to make sure your evening flows seamlessly. And we can come up with anything you need to keep your guests entertained. We've done quizzes, bingo nights and puppet shows all because that's what our clients needed.

There's nothing we won't try if it means your guests are going to have a great time.

Get in touch with us to find out what we can do to bring amazing, customised entertainment to your next function or event.

Greg Ellis Creative phone: +64 21 620921 email: info@gregelliscreative.co.nz

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