Use one of the biggest temple festivals in the world as the backdrop for a one of a kind music project

Note On Thrissur Pooram

There is no conductor and no rehearsal for Thrissur Pooram more than 200 artists perform together, these performers are trained under different mentors but come together on the day of Pooram to perform in sync.

The processions and rituals of each of the deities follow a very strict itinerary, scheduled in such a way that the tempo of the Pooram celebrations - 36 hrs non-stop - is maintained without any loss of energy.

The Artists

✤ “Madathil varavu”- a panchavadhyam melam, participating more than 200 artists, consists of Thimila, Madhalam, Trumpet, Cymbal and Edakka (Different types of instruments)

✤ Ilanjithara melam – a type of melam consists of drum, trumpets, pipe and cymbal

Puppetry Show: There is the Harijan Vela or Parayar Vela as well as the Tholpavakoothu, a traditional shadow puppetry show.

*Kudamattom: The two groups in the presence of melam, exchange colourful and crafted umbrellas competitively at the top of the elephants

The activity flow - 5th – 6th May

► Friday 05th May 2017, Madathil Varavu 11:30 AM on 05th May,

► Elinjithara Melam 2:00 PM on 05th May,

► Royal Dharbhar 5:30 PM on 05th May,

► Fire Works 3:00 AM on 06th May Morning,

► Farewell 12:00 PM on 06th May.

✤ We shoot the Pooram in all its glory focusing on the musical aspects of the same

✤ The main events

✤ Identifying the top performers & top performing teams

✤ Informal jam sessions between the red bull artist & the local artists

The Kerala creators project 7th May onwards

✤The top performers & team from the pooram as pulled into new location where they go about the task of creating the original sound track with the red bull artist

✤This includes visits to various interesting locations they can use as a backdrop to jam

✤Culminating in the final track/ album to be composed

✤The final track will be released in a authentic kerala location with a host of relevant people from the music & art industry invited

What FWD media provides

✤ Access to the Trissur pooram basis the clearances from Kerala tourism

✤ Specify access

✤ Line production, local outreach & talent management

✤ Can look at producing the entire project in sync with the Red bull team supervising producer

What Red Bull Provides

✤ The global artist

✤ Funds the entire production costs for the project

Rights & permissions

The IP for the “KCP” & “mashup” and all multimedia content created solely rests with Forward Media

Red Bull will have exclusive access to the multimedia content created to be redistributed across your network for 3 months

The music rights of the track created will rest jointly with the artist, redbull & forward media to be exploited commercially with equal share of the revenue generated

Forward media will have the right to commercially exploit via in content placement & vignettes with non competing brands.

The creative treatment of this content will be jointly agreed

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