Donna J de Cordova

Teaching Perspective

Teaching Philosophy

My role is to offer a space where all experiences are welcomed and appreciated. Knowledge will be mutually shared by students inspiring further inquisition through assignments, projects and activities that embrace & integrate technology. An environment where teaching is flexible and allows student to develop critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills to come up with creative solutions. Learners should invest the necessary time that allows them to reach their highest potential, realizing that learning is a never-ending journey.


Teaching Experience

SLS -1501 - First Year Experience

Be the Superhero of Your Personal Finances Workshop

Keynote Speaker - Civil Rights & political Activist Angela Davis

Module 10 Teaching Session - Assessment of Learning/Grading Assignments

Today my group and I did our teaching presentation leading up to the presentation I felt confident and comfortable with this topic, however the night before and the day of I was a nervous wreck. I think I slept for a total of 3 hours as I kept waking up to watch a new video or try a new way of imbeding the polls. I am a quasi perfectionist so I was freaking out because I could not imbed the polls into our presentation and I wanted a seamless presentation. I knew that I could simply open another browser but this would take away from the seamless effect that I was looking for. Needless to say once we got up there and began presenting the jitters left me and my confidence returned and even though there were a few glitches and we didn't explain everything as well as we could I think overall we did a great job.

What did you teach?

We taught Assessment of Learning/Grading Assignments

How did you teach it?

Our group used an interactive PowerPoint presentation

How did you assess your learners?

We assessed our learners through group activities, polls and group discussions

What went well?

I felt that the activities and the polls were quite successful. On two of the assignments I think that if we had prepared better explanations of the activity, they would have allowed for the activity to flow better. I was however quite pleased with the discussion outcomes as the learners came up with some very creative responses and backed it up with excellent rationale which I think showed that they understood the task and seemed to acknowledge the depth and level of thinking and creativity needed when creating a learning assessment.

What would you do differently? I think we could have rehearsed more so that we were more comfortable with our transitions and some of the video and polling activities.


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