Wooden Tip Toys By Lewis emes

About Us

Wooden Tip Toys is a small up and coming business which wants to do their very best to supply your children with some of the best quality wooden toys on the market. They have only been open 12 months but need your help to take them that little bit further, They offer a wide range of education toys as shown in the picture below.

Because of their more basic shapes, wooden toys also help children build hand-eye coordination. Activities such as building towers out of wooden blocks, carefully placing the pieces so the towers don’t topple over, or threading a string through a series of wooden beads, require children to pay attention to distance and placement. Children can also use wooden toys to begin to represent concepts such as over, under, beside, up, and down. When they solve puzzles or create patterns using wooden toys they also begin to visually see how items fit together, which also improves their hand-eye coordination.

Where To Find Us

We are on facebook, have a youtube page with plenty of videos for you to see how we make our quality products as shown below in a short video.

Not only do we have a wide range of education toys, we also offer toys from little people to toys as big as scooters & mini kitchens.

With a recent article being published about the best wooden toys on the market, not only do we produce the majority of these products but we make them at a competitive price which helps us against big branded companies.

Regarding any other information please contact us or pop in and see what we have to offer.

Phone Number:(01633) 896523

Email - www.WoodenTipToys.co.uk

Facebook - Wooden tip toys cardiff

Youtube - woodentiptoys

Address - Unit 47, Shakespear Road, Cardiff NP5 7RE

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