Dwr y Felin Comprehensive School Guidance for school re-opening

Check In, Catch up and Prepare for Summer and September

Message from the Headteacher

Our duty at Dŵr y Felin, to lead a child-centred recovery in which we transition back to school without compromising safety, is reliant on our management of safety and risk. Success in following these plans will ensure everyone within our school feels safe and are safe.

On Wednesday 3rd June, Kirsty Williams (Education Minister) announced that “almost all learners in Wales will have the opportunity to ‘Check In, Catch Up and Prepare for summer and September’ in the next phase for education, which will begin on Monday, June 29th”. She proposed that “in each school there will be a phased approach. Year groups will be split into cohorts with staggered starts, lessons and breaks, meaning at most, a third of pupils will be present at any one time. We will see much smaller classes, providing secure, dedicated time with teachers and classmates. This time will include online and personalised classroom experience which will prepare children - and teachers - for a similar experience in September.”

The Dwr y Felin Aim

Our aim is to create a plan for four weeks (29th June - 24th July) that involves all pupils (7-10) in small groups attending school at some point to “check in, catch up and prepare for the summer and September”. During the sessions, there will be a strong emphasis on pupil well-being. The sessions will also give us the opportunity to support pupils with their remote learning and Teams. This is particularly useful for the pupils where we were unable to offer this support prior to school closure. We are also mindful of our place as teachers in supporting pupils’ learning. Therefore, we have tried to create a plan where pupils can “check in” with subject teachers.

It is also important to recognise that, during this period, we have also accounted for the fact that there will also be an element of remote learning for staff and pupils. We will also need to manage the emergency childcare facility at the school. We have also considered individual circumstances around health, childcare and the current pandemic. We want a plan that is phased, one that gradually builds confidence through trialling new ways of managing the school that are sustainable for September and beyond.

At the heart of all thinking and decision making regarding the re-opening of the school is the safety of ALL pupils, staff and their families. The emphasis on good standards of hygiene, social distancing and cleanliness is PARAMOUNT. We have used our knowledge of the school environment and the people to create a plan that best suits the needs of the Dŵr y Felin school community.

Dwr y Felin School Provision

Parents have the option to send children to school. To help manage the pupil numbers on site at any given time, pupils will have allocated days in school. It is important that pupils adhere to the arrival and departure times that they will be given. Pupils arriving later than 5 minutes after the given arrival time may not be admitted on to the school site. Once you have completed reading this guidance, please complete the online questionnaire indicating whether your child will accept the invitation to attend school.

Safety & PPE

All pupils, staff, parents and visitors to school will obey social distancing rules at all times. Pupils who are unable to comply will not be invited in and will continue distance learning at home.We will follow Welsh Government guidelines for PPE. Face coverings are optional for pupils and staff (this is subject to change). Thermometers will be used to test pupils on arrival at the school. More specific PPE will be available for tasks such as cleaning and first aid.


All pupils and staff will be expected to follow guidance around hand washing. We must all wash our hands and sanitise them before leaving home and on entry into school. We have soap in all toilets and sanitiser at many stations, including entrances, stairwells and main areas. Everyone is advised to avoid touching their faces. Each classroom will be equipped with a hand sanitiser, box of tissues and cleaning resources. Pupils will be responsible for wiping down their work area at the start and end of their sessions. There will be strict rules for pupils who are deliberately ignoring hygiene rules (e.g. spitting, not adhering to social distancing rules). Pupils failing to adhere to the rules will be sent home.


We have increased the number of cleaners employed and the school will be deep cleaned prior to opening. There will be two cleaners on site every day. The school will be cleaned daily in line with Welsh Government Guidance.

First Aid

A first aider will always be in school. Parents will be contacted to inform them of any treatment and asked to collect pupils where appropriate. This particularly applies to pupils with cuts or open wounds. If your child has a Health Care Plan, please contact Mrs Williams (First Aider) to confirm arrangements within the plan by 26th June. Please use the questionnaire to ensure that we have your correct contact details for emergency situations.


During the days where pupils are only in school until 1.15pm, there will NO catering facilities. The pupils will NOT be allowed to go to the Canteen in the morning and there will not be a breakfast provision. Pupils will be asked to bring a snack with them for the days they are in school. During the second and third weeks, pupils in years 9 and 10 will be in school for longer periods of time and we intend to open the canteen for a limited facility. We would request that pupils try to bring lunch with them wherever possible. Lunchtimes will be staggered and strict social distancing rules will apply. The areas in the canteen will be wiped in between sittings. Please note that pupils will NOT be allowed to bring cash into school.


Travelling by Bus

  • Only 12 pupils will be allowed on the bus at a time. Pupils will only be allowed to travel on their allocated day.
  • When waiting at the bus stop, pupils must socially distance from each other (not siblings).
  • When entering the bus, pupils must spray their hands with sanitiser.
  • When entering the bus, pupils must walk to the furthest available seat (fill up the available seats at the back first).
  • When leaving the bus, the pupils at the front are to leave first. Pupils must wait until the pupil in front of them gets off the bus before they leave their seat.
  • Pupils must then walk into school and straight to their allocated classroom (not wait for others on the bus).
  • When walking into school, pupils must maintain social distancing. Pupils are NOT to congregate together outside the building or in the corridors.
  • When waiting at the bus stop to return home, pupils must socially distance from each other (not siblings).
  • When entering the bus, pupils must spray their hands with sanitiser.
  • Pupils should walk directly to their seats when entering the bus.
  • Pupils should leave the bus in an orderly fashion, maintaining social distancing.
  • Pupils are reminded that the highest standards of behaviour are expected whilst using school transport.

Travelling by Car

  • Pupils will only be allowed into school on their allocated day and at their allocated time of arrival. Please do NOT arrive earlier than your allocated time.
  • If dropping pupils off at the Cwrt Herbert entrance, parents are requested to be mindful of social distance rules and the safety of all pedestrians.
  • If dropping pupils off at the Dŵr y Felin Road entrance, it is requested that parents use the layby and do not enter/block the school gates.
  • When walking into school, pupils must maintain social distancing. Pupils are NOT to congregate together outside the building or in the corridors.

Walking to School

  • Pupils will only be allowed into school on their allocated day and at their allocated time of arrival. Please do NOT arrive earlier than your allocated time.
  • When walking to school, pupils should follow social distancing rules. Siblings can walk together, but pupils living in different houses should walk 2m apart.
  • Pupils from the Bryncoch/Caewern/Neath Town centre areas should enter the school at the pedestrian gate on Dŵr y Felin Road.
  • Pupils from the Skewen/Neath Abbey area should enter through the Cwrt Herbert side of the school.
  • When walking into school, pupils must maintain social distancing. Pupils are NOT to congregate together outside the building or in the corridors.


Visitors to the site will be strictly limited. Where possible, all contact with parents and families will be made via telephone, email, text and sims app. Parents will need to make appointments for a meeting. These will adhere to strict social distancing rules.

Emergency Childcare Provision

We will continue to offer provision for children of critical workers. If you require your child to access the provision, you MUST complete the relevant section on the questionnaire. We remind you that pupils with symptoms should not attend school. Pupils who have underlying health conditions should follow Public Health Wales guidance to help them decide whether or not it is appropriate to attend school during the planned four weeks.

Remote Learning

We will continue to provide remote learning for all pupils. It is also important that pupils who are unable to attend school, but are otherwise fit and healthy, continue with their remote learning. Pupils who accept the invitation to return to school must also continue with blended learning: a mixture of remote learning and support in school. We have issued clear guidance for pupils, parents and teachers to help guide the pupils through their learning at home. We will adhere to the timetable and the weekly updates of learning for the four-week period. Please share and discuss the following information for pupils with your child:

Before coming to School

You must bring:

  • a pencil, rubber, pen, ruler and calculator in a pencil case.
  • the device you work on at home if this is possible (school Insurance will not cover any damage or loss).
  • a water bottle – the water fountains will not be in use.
  • a snack – there will be no food provided in school (no chewing gum).

You must:

  • check your emails for your bespoke timetable.
  • make sure you know which classroom you will be in on that day.
  • wear suitable and appropriate clothes (shorts/T shirt/hoodie). No crop/vest tops.
  • wash your hands before leaving home.

Arriving at the School

  • Arrive at your allocated time.
  • Follow the one-way system to your designated classroom.
  • If you arrive later than 5 minutes after the allocated arrival time you may not be admitted on to the school site.

Classroom - Non Negotiables

  • Enter, and use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Sit at your allocated table. Do not move any desks.
  • Wipe your table with the provided wipe at the start of day, after break and end of session.
  • You cannot get out of your seat during a session and are not able to leave classrooms during sessions.
  • When going to the toilet during break you will need to wash your hands and sanitise.

Behaviour - Non Negotiables

  • All pupils maintain 2m social distancing at all times.
  • Pupils are not allowed to congregate together on the school site.
  • Pupils use designated entrances to buildings.
  • Pupils only enter their designated classroom.
  • Pupils must not enter another classroom.
  • Pupils must not touch, cough or spit on another pupil or member of staff.
  • Pupils only use their year group toilet during designated break time.
  • Pupils use designated exits out of buildings.
  • Pupils must always adhere to the one-way system and not congregate in corridors and stair wells.
  • Pupils can only use designated outdoor areas.
  • At the end of the school day pupils leave the site immediately.
  • Devices can only be used in the classroom during this time when instructed by the teacher.
  • Pupils must adhere to signs and information provided around the school.

One-Way System

Week 1

Monday 29th June – Friday 3rd July

When pupils attend school for the Health and Well-being days, remote learning will still continue as the main form of teaching and learning, and students unable to attend school will not be disadvantaged. However, for those students who wish to attend school, this will be possible according to the timetable below and the allocated form group.

All pupils will be informed via email which form group and classroom they have been allocated. This will be sent on or before Friday 26th June. Please read your child’s email to find out what day they are coming into school and for the correct timings.

Structure of the school Day

Arrival (start of the day) staff will meet and greet pupils at each entrance and guide pupils in an anticlockwise direction around the school site to their designated class following the signs and arrows (see school movement plan and videos).

Year 7 and 8 pupils arrive between 8.45am and 9.00am and progress directly to their designated classrooms.

Year 9 and 10 pupils arrive between 9.00am and 9.15am and progress directly to their designated classrooms.

School Day

Pupils will remain in their form rooms at all times and complete two Health and Well-being sessions, between 9.00am and 1.00pm. During the school day all pupils will follow the guidance provided in the sections below on Non-negotiable Pupil Behaviour and Classroom expectations. These Non-negotiables are in place to safeguard all pupils and staff. To also maintain high levels of hygiene and social distancing throughout the school day, each session will focus on the following key areas:

  • Establishing new school rules and procedures
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Remote Learning support



  • 1.00pm Year 7-8 pupils will leave the school site.
  • 1.15pm Year 9-10 pupils will leave the school site.

Weeks 2 & 3

Monday 6th July – Friday 17th July

In weeks 2 and 3, we will adopt a timetable where year 9 and 10 pupils have the opportunity to meet and work with subject teachers. There will be staggered starts, breaks, lunch and finish times. They will start at 9.00am and finish at 3.00pm.

Pupils in years 7 and 8 will be taught in their form classes. They will have English, Maths, Science, Language, Humanities and Well-being sessions. There will be staggered starts, breaks and finish times. They will start at 9.00am and finish by 1.15pm.

Sample plan of the school day for each year group:

Monday 6th July and Monday 13th July – Year 10

Tuesday 7th July and Tuesday 14th July – Year 7

Thursday 9th July and Thursday 16th July – Year 9

Friday 10th July and Friday 17th July – Year 8

Week 4

Monday 20th July – Friday 24th July

During the final week, our plans are to return to the Week 1 arrangements for a “Preparation for Summer and September” week. Pupils will be supported with their learning and there will be an emphasis on ensuring pupils have everything they need and the personal skills to help them work independently in the anticipated blended learning approach to school life from September. Further details will follow.


This is a plan for the re-opening of Dŵr y Felin school from 29th June, 2020. It has been agreed by the Local Authority and will be regularly reviewed in light of any changes. Please now complete the Parental Questionnaire.


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