Safety and hygienic in the kitchen. By taya , arsheeta and phuong!

Hello our names are Phuong,Taya and Arsheeta and we are going to tell you three rules on how to be hygienic in the kitchen and how to be safe in the kitchen.

Three Hygienic Rules.

FIRST, Never use the same utensils for chicken and vegetables. It could cause cross contamination as the harmful bacteria on raw chicken can poison A the vegetables. To prevent this use separate chopping boards for meat and vegetables or make sure to always wash the chopping board after chopping cutting raw meat.

ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS! Germs spread very easily between our hands and food so having clean our hands before any food prep or cooking is essential. Washing your hands properly when touching raw meat, after going to the toilet and after using the bin can help to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria such as salmonella

Wash your hands before preparing food.

Correct storage of food in kitchens is as important as correct cooking. When storing food in fridges or coolers make sure the food is at room temperature or lower. Putting warm food in a fridge means the food does not cool evenly and therefore can cause food poisoning. Cover your food too, food left out is open to bacteria.

The Three Safety Rules

If you spill something while cooking clean it up STRAIGHT away or get an adult to help you clean up the mess. By doing so it can prevent from future accidents

Always clean up your mess!!

Do not wear any jewelry such as rings and try to prevent from wearing nail polish. Flakes of nail polish would chip into the food. Don't wear rings as there would likely be some bacteria in them. Rings are commonly made of metal therefore if you were to were one there is a possibility of burning yourself.

When chopping vegetables, fruits or any foods always use the spider grip. It will prevent you from chopping of your fingers. If you do cut yourself carefully clean your cut with cold water and carefully put on a bandage to stop the blood flow

Clean your cut then bandage it.



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