Historic Innovations

Transistor Radio (1,950) Many thought the transistor radio was made by Sony, but it was actually invented by Texas Instruments in 1,954. It is a small portable radio receiver that uses transistor-based circuitry. They became the most popular electronic communication device in history, with billions manufactured during the 1960's and 1970's. Their pocket size sparked a change in popular music listening habits, allowing people to listen to music anywhere they went.
Automated teller machine (1,960) Best known as the atm, was invented in 1,969 by john shepherd-barron and donald wetzel. electronic telecommunication device that enables the customers of a financial institution to preform financial transactions, mostly cash withdrawal without the need of clek or bank teller.
Digital camera (1,970) The first digital camera was created in 1,975 by Eastman kodak and steve sasson. the camera was made by other used camera parts, and weighed about eighty pounds. digital cameras produce digital images that can be stored on a computer, displayed on screen, or can be printed.
Moble phone (1,980) In 1,983 the first mobile phone was released by motorola. The phone offered 30 minutes of talk time, six hours standby, 30 phones numbers could be stored. the cost to purchase was $3,995.
Toyota prius (1,990) in 1,995, Toyota debuted a hybrid concept car at the tokyo motor show. the car has testing for a year. On december 10 1997 the first one went on sale. the car sold with over 90 markets, the U.s. and japan being it's largest markets. This was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle.
youtube (2,000) In 2,oo5 Paypal employees created a video-sharing website. The three employes who created youtube were chad hurley, steve chen, and jawed karim. the website was so popular, with 65,000 videos uploaded daily and delivering 10 millon video views per day. Youtube has now become a job for some ,the more views you get the more money you will get.
be my eyes (present) in 2,015 danish blind society and hans jØrgen wiberg came up with an app that connects visually impaired users to sighted ones. the app works through live video, sighted users help looking at street signs, expiration on food packages, and others things that need quick visual assist. the app has helped over 23,000 users and it's free.


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