future co op student

Dear future co op student,

Your experience at Caryl Baker Visage will be phenomenal. You will have an amazing time, and adventure at your placement. You will be in a very hands on environment, you will clean up after costumers, but don't worry its not much, just after facials, make up applications, and brow waxes and tints. You will also have to answer phone calls, which will usually lead up to having to book appointments for costumers, sometimes you will have to deal with rude costumers, but its okay all you need to do is ask someone for assistance, and no doubt that someone will further aid you. After you become more comfterble with the work place you will also start making sales. You will need to write bills, which can be a little tricky sometimes, but it is okay, you will get used to it. You will have to do some multi tasking, such as answering phones while setting up, or cleaning up. Some advice to you, is to always have respect for the people you are working with, and to never show any attitude, these people will be your family for the next few months, so respect them, and they will respect you. Another piece of advice is to always respect your costumer even if they do not respect you, always remember that the costumer is always right, and never argue with them, as rude as they are, just remember that everyone is dealing with something. The challenge I had to overcome at my placement was having to memorize some of the prices, and having to manually write out bills out for each costumer, i am warning you, it does get difficult sometimes, people will be rude when they are in a rush, and you will make mistakes, but always ask people to look over your work, and you will do just fine, if you ever need help just remember that everyone is always willing to help. Remember that practice makes perfect, never forget that. I believe that working at Caryl Baker Visage was an amazing opportunity, learnt a lot, and i had an amazing time, the employe were wonderful, and amazing people to work with, and there was never a dull day, every day was a new adventure. There would always be fun things to do and cool things to watch, you will always learn new things and if you don't understand and you just want someone to walk you through it.

best of luck,

Amber Lalji

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