Hero in the Making Anti-Capes Society

A text adventure for the hero within you

This adventure takes you through the lives of four normal, working class people and it's up to you and your choices to decide what type of hero these people turn out to be in the end.

-You hold the power-

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the game cost?

Hero in the making is currently FREE to play!

2. How is this going to be distributed?

This game will be available to use and play online, following this button:

3. What is the game's ESRB rating?

The game is rated as T (Teen) due to brief and mild language.

4. What type of software do I need to play this game?

Hero in the Making works for both HP and Mac computers.


  • You are the protagonist, the hero, or are you?
  • Playing this game builds your character’s identity
  • Who will you be? A cop, barista, emergency medical technician or a politician
  • Your character will be faced with choices = superpower
  • How will you use your powers?
  • Decisions lead into questions
  • The ultimate outcome is determined by the culmination of your previous choices


Business Card

Title Card

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