International Children's Day By:Geraldine perez

My holiday is International kid's day. I think this should be a holiday because kids work hard at school and they need a longer vacation. This holiday is when kids only have one day of school one week. It will be celebrated every last week of May. I chose this week because it's the week of my birthday.

I chose the month because I think their isn't a lot of holidays in May. We would celebrate this day because kids need a break they work to hard. The history of my holiday would bethey would have a longer vacation. They will also do the things they didn't get to do over the last summer. Kids spend most of the time at school. They will have more opportunities to do more things or travel somewhere they were going last year but they didn't get a chance to.

An occasion to promote the welfare of children all over the worldKids get a week of school..

10 Fun facts about International Children's Day

It was first declared a special day by World Conference.Child month was first observed in 1953.
Dedicated to celebrate "childhood."Decided to specify a day as Children's Day to draw attention to children's issues.
At the Methodist conference in 1868 recommended that the second of June would be observed as Children's Day.The celebration of a special day in America dates back from the 1860s and earlier.
Friday was chosen so that the children can be celebrated at school.The New York Times in a June 10,1895 article writes about children's day observance in New York City.

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