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Steve McCurry was born February 24, 1950 and is 67 years old.
McCurry's style of photography is documentary and photo journalism. he has traveled around the globe to places in europe, india, the middle east, etc.
  • McCurry's special photography techniques include depth of field, perception, and composition. He has also used techniques like the rule of thirds.
McCurry has worked for National Geographic but he currently works as a freelance photographer under Magnum Photos

The photo Afghan Girl was taken with a 105mm f/2.5 lens on a Nikon FM2 with Kodachrome 64 slide film but McCurry now uses a Nikon D700 DSLR and a Hasselblad medium format camera. He also now shoots with 28- 70 mm zoom lens. McCurry says, "I am happy with the results of my Nikkor 28-70 lens that I find gives me sharp results.

It seems as though McCurry Primarily uses any available light because he feels it creates a timeless look. I think it also due to the fact that McCurry is always on the move and trying to catch a spur of the moment photo.

I think this photo done by McCurry is a prime example why he uses available light. This was taken in 1983 while a train was passing the Taj Mahal.
Henri Cartier-Bresson LEFT and Ansel Adams RIGHT

Steve McCurry had originally been wanting to become a film maker around the age of 19 but fell in love with still photography. There was not much on his early influences besides thinking kindly of Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson's techniques.

Left: An Afghan refugee, taken in 1981 Right: McCurry with Surma Tribe

There seems to be many interesting stories about Steve McCurry and how he had had a few life threatening moments. One of the most popular stories I came across a few times was when his career had first 'took off' at 29. He crossed the border leaving Pakistan and going to Afghanistan, dressed like the natives. He has photos from the Soviet War in Afghanistan and was among the first to provide images to come out of that war zone. McCurry still takes images of conflicts around the world.

In 1984, McCury took his famous image, Afghan Girl, in a refugee camp near Peshawar, Pakistan. The young girl's name was Sharbat Gula. It is one of the most recognized pictures in the world today.

There are many components that I like about Steve McCurry's photography such as all of the color, being able to see foreign places, and the emotion the photographs give you. I selected this photographer because I knew of his photo Afghan girl and I also find photography for National Geographic very interesting so I wanted to learn more about it.




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