A letter from the Board President and Chief Executive Officer

You showed remarkable dedication and passion to touch lives in immediate and urgent need

During the pandemic, each of us has been challenged with meeting the needs of older adults and people with disabilities in ways we could not have imagined. We were confronted with finding new and effective ways to reach our community members to deliver lifesaving services, as the need increased. Who could have imagined the commitment needed to deliver on our mission and to promote wellbeing for older adults and people with disabilities in Snohomish County? You led by example, you were the driving force to respond and break new ground to care for seniors in life and death situations. You inspired and empowered us to step up and meet the urgent needs of our vulnerable community members - thank you.

People You Have Helped

Your generosity has impacted a diverse community. The people you have helped span different stages of life, income levels, ethnicity, and locations. No matter the difference, they know they aren't alone because of you.

You made sure John had nourishing meals.

John is a 77-year-old man who lives alone in low-income housing. After a recent hospital stay, he returned home weak and exhausted. John could not prepare his own food and started eating less and less. Then you stepped in and made certain John had nourishing meals.

John has been suffering from chronic medical conditions his entire adult life. After being discharged from the hospital, he had to remain on supplemental oxygen and even the most routine tasks were extremely difficult. John could no longer venture to the grocery store, let alone stand over the stove to prepare his meals. Before you provided support, John did not know how he was going to survive.

John had no clue where his next meal would come from and felt paralyzed with anxiety; but then you made all the difference. John was able to sign up for Meals on Wheels and breathe a sigh of relief. Your generosity guaranteed John had a friendly Meals on Wheels driver to check in on him and provide healthy meals.

Thanks to you, John has enough to eat and can focus on recovering and getting well.

Nutrition Program

Last year, there was a 48% increase in demand for meals. Your generosity ensured lifesaving meals were delivered to isolated seniors faster and more efficiently. Not only that, you helped provide to-go lunches while senior centers remained closed and wellness checks for homebound individuals.

You Gave Beatrice the Gift of Hot Water

Living on a fixed low income is not easy for anyone. And when something like a hot water tank breaks down, hard choices need to be made.

For 88-year-old Beatrice, surviving on a mere $1,060 a month meant having to forgo hot water to cover necessary living expenses, like food and medicine. But, then you came to her rescue!

It was one chilly evening in early December when Beatrice went to have a shower only to find she had no hot water. She knew, on her limited budget, there was no way she could afford to hire a plumber.

Beatrice’s only choice was to bathe herself using the kitchen sink and warm water boiled from her kettle. But then, because of the support from folks like you, Beatrice was able to call on Minor Home Repair.

Within just a couple of days, a masked-up, licensed plumber was at Beatrice’s home ready to fix her hot water tank. But very quickly he discovered the aluminum wiring was faulty and dangerous. Now an electrician had to be called in to replace the wiring before a hot water heater could be installed.

Once again, you were there to help. A licensed electrician arrived the very next day and replaced all of the wiring. The plumber followed up right after, and before Christmas, Beatrice had a safe working hot water tank.

Because of you, Beatrice can now enjoy a warm shower. She doesn’t have to make a hard choice between food and medicine over hot water. This past holiday season, your generosity gave Beatrice the loving gift of hot water.

Minor Home Repair Program

Assisting low-to-moderate income older adults and people with disabilities who cannot perform or afford home health and safety repairs.

You saved Thalia's life.

Depression has been haunting Thalia since she lost her husband five years ago. With COVID, feelings of isolation and loneliness became unbearable. But you brought Thalia back from spiraling into a dark and dangerous place.

The 84-year-old widow has lived in her tiny apartment for 22 years, but this was the first time she felt like she was living in a prison. With only her cat to talk to, Thalia began to feel like she didn’t exist; that no one would care if she existed.

But then your generosity connected Thalia with a trained counselor at Homage and she found that someone did care about her.

Thalia’s counselor was a lifeline for her, helping build her confidence and offering companionship. Through weekly phone calls, Thalia finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel. You showed Thalia that someone cared. For the first time in years, she knew she was not alone.

Her counselor helped Thalia get connected with virtual support groups where she began forming friendships with others. Soon, Thalia had online events to look forward to and her feelings of loneliness began to fade.

Today, Thalia feels optimistic about the future. She continues to work with her counselor and no longer feels alone. You have shown Thalia that someone cares for her and that her existence in this world does matter.

Mental Health and Wellness Programs

Providing non-judgmental and compassionate support to those in need. Resources include depression screening, Older Adult Mental Health Access Line, wellness classes, and more all free of charge for adults ages 60 and over.

Social Services Program

Helping community members find the right services and resources through caring conversations.

Thank you to our dedicated supporters

Thank you for your generosity. You made an important difference in your community. You are the reason this impact report is full of inspiring stories. Because of your giving, more seniors and people with disabilities are well-nourished, safe, and healthy.

Thank you to our compassionate volunteers

Last year volunteering looked a little different, but the hearts of our amazing group of volunteers remained the same. Nearly 600 individuals devoted their time and talents to helping seniors and people with disabilities.

You are a lifesaver.

You are the reason this impact report is full of inspiring stories. You can make a gift below to help even more seniors and people with disabilities stay safe and nourished.

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Bekka Austin