Everything you need to know about applying to colleges bradley

February 2, 2017

Four short years ago I was a very, VERY nervous freshman who did NOT know what to expect about high school, because the only thing people have in their minds about what high school is like, what is in the movies. NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THAT! But anyways, here I sit as a senior with 121 days until I graduate! Yay! I applied to 10 colleges.... 5 more than recommended. It's a bit excessive, but my mentality was that someone had to accept me. I ended up getting accepted to all schools, but two. One I was deferred and the other I still have not heard back from. I really think that sticking to applying to only a few schools is the best route to take, only because when it gets down to try and decide on where you want to go... it's a bitch! You also need to start early!!! Take all of your tests JUNIOR year and take them A LOT of times!! I think that if I would've taken more time on my essays and spent more time on my applications, I would have 10/10 schools that accepted me not just 8/10. When applying for schools they need so much of your parents information, so it is really important that you choose the more patient parent. For me, it was my mom. She had to tell me her license plate number and driver license number so many times that I should know it by heart now!

When applying it's important to ask yourself if you could see yourself at that college. For example, I had my heart SET on this one school in Miami. I went to visit it and......... not so great. I could NEVER see myself living there!!! I visited 4 colleges before I got that "I'm home" feeling and it WAS NOT my first choice at all. You will get a lot of different vibes from somewhere and you just have to keep looking until it cliques well with your vibe.

Applying for colleges made me realize how I really didn't do shit in high school. Yeah I was apart of a club at my school that is very "elitist" like and yeah I spent 300 hours of my life to my community and yeah I took the hard classes, but when I was filling it all out, it looked so PLAIN and BLANK. Basically, if you're not involved in every club and sport your application is going to look weak to you!!! Get this out of your head!!! I can't tell you what your college is looking for, because all of them are different and well... I'm not on the admissions board! But try your hardest to remember every single accomplishment in high school and you are your way to packing your bags for college.

You're probably dying to know what college I picked and if you aren't..I'll still tell you because I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!! I chose University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. I'm majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. These are my two favorite things in the world. I move into my dorm June 23, 2017. Yes I have a countdown. I am doing summer, fall, spring, summer terms to graduate early and start making that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I am living with a friend that I have known since I was born for Summer and randomizing my roommates for Fall. I think it is SO important to have a set plan, because personally it makes me feel so much better and organized.

This probably didn't help and was very opinionated, but i LOVED applying to colleges (that's why I applied to 10 different schools). Have a great day :)

xoxo Bradley

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