Project: Branding & Product Design Photography By: Brooke Beasley

Nifty is a clothing company who's main priorities are to be natural, incredible, fashionable, trendy and totally you. This company uses only the best of the best when it come to their pieces. By only using locally grown cotton and hand-made dyes, this company's attire really outweighs all competitors. Brooke Beasley, the founder of Nifty, started this company off of almost nothing and has turned it into one of the best shopping spots in Dallas, Texas.

Beasley stated, "The money is just another plus. I'm really doing it for the environmental purposes." Nifty's main purpose is to not only provide comfortable and stylish products, but also cause no harm to animals. All of their dyes are natural and non-animal tested. Beasley said, "I wanted to make clothes that not only felt good, but also made you feel good about wearing them." Nifty has clothes that fits all styles. From chic to flamboyant, Nifty has the clothes for you.

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