El Nino & La Nina By: ALLANAH NUNEZ

Not a lot of people are familiar with El Nino's and La Nina's. So I'll be taking you on a journey to Peru. If you haven't been to Peru it's usually scattered weather patterns. And let's go back in time to a particular day in February of 1998. By this time the El Nino already hit and 8 months later we arrive to this particular day in February. You might think to yourself, "Oh this only affected them" but no it actually rearranged weather patterns for everyone across the world. So to get what I'm actually talking about you need to to know an El Nino is often referred to as the "warm phase".

This El Nino destroyed lives, killed many and this tore apart so many once happy families. Eight months prior to this tragedy, there had been a durastic amount of rainfall. Then on that February, the rivers finally broke it's banks. This created major flooding everywhere.

So many people lost everything they owned and everything they've ever known, their house all their personal items..

http://www.nationalgeographic.com/elnino/mainpage.html NOT DONE I JUST DIDNT FINISH


Created with images by NASA Earth Observatory - "La NiƱa Comes to a Close"

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