YChavez One Point Perspective Project

B. My first cityscape was not successful because I didn't know how to draw a horizon nor bricks on the building. It didn't have/know the principle or element of design on my cityscape.

E. the 2nd city scape has line and form. The lines are on the building and they are forming bricks and with the lines .

F. my city scape was not successful because it did not have any color, motion, and texture, but it did have space because none of the buildings were overlapping.


1. All I knew about the impressionist painters are that they made art expressing their feelings that had during that time. I didnt know anything about pointilism before the assignment.

2. A technique i learned was were you paint the background the opposite color that you are going to use like if you were to use green. then you would color the object red, then color on top with green and the color that right beside green. this makes color stand out more.

3. Pointillism is a technique were you use tiny dots in a pattern to create an image. I created my image by adding the opposite with marker then adding dots to the picture with the chalk pastel (the colors were the main colors and the colors around it.

4, they accomplished the method pointillism in art.

5. My favorite artistic work is by Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night was made in June 1889.

6. Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by a dream. In the picture i see a lot of emotion with the colors.

7. the elements of art and principles of design are line, color, form, shape and texture.

8 i give this painting a 10/10 because it shows so much emotion and feelings in ones heart. Vincent is a great artist even though he went through rough times. I think that other people should see this because it could give their life a little more feelings. 95 because of the feelings. I would keep the art, and the stars are what worth remembering.

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