PINES Prepare for the future

The motto we live by is Prepare for the future. This is our motto because we care what happens to people in the future. We love the outdoors and want others to be able to experience the outdoors.

Our mission is, The outdoors is beautiful our job is to preserve and protect all of the natural locations on earth.

The outdoors is a beautiful place our job is to preserve all of the beautiful places on earth

The way we plan on doing this is,

1 No stealing if you steal you will be punished depending on how extreme the robbery was.

2 No racism

3 Every one treated equal

4 Everyone has same things unless you build something yourself.

5 Assigned a job

6 We provide all ingredients for food

7 All kids will go to exploring and survival schools

8 Preserve as much natural recources as possible

9 Protect the forest

10 Only cut down what we need

We our located in all of Utah mostly in the Uinta mountain range we are also located in states nearby to Utah

We are ran by a Monarchy government witch means a queen or king rules us. The people get to elect all of the King and Queens

We are a very peaceful people. We love the land and try to save it. Our community is a safe beautiful environment


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