GTD2 Urban Planning Project Henry thompson


Our group has decided that we want to build are city in the plains and to build by a river for a water source. In class we came up with the percentages of the 6 different types of land usages in cities. We determined what types of buildings go in each type of land usage. At the end of the week we started a rough sketch planning out the layout of our city.

Types of Land Usage in Cities

  • Residential - Single-Family Home, Condominium, Multi-Family Home, apartments, Tiny House, Trump Tower, town houses.
  • Commercial - Stores, Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Hotels, Convenience stores, gas stations, boathouse
  • Transportation - Buses, Subway, Cars,
  • Institutional - Courthouse, Hospital, Embassy, Fire Station, Police Station, Schools, Post Office, White House
  • Recreational - Parks, Church, Soccer Field, Swimming Pool, community gym
  • Industrial - micro-brewery, power plant, factories, warehouses

Land Percentages

  • Recreational: 8%
  • Transportation: 31.6%
  • Industrial: 7.2%
  • Residential: 41.8%
  • Commercial: 7.1%
  • Institutional: 4.3%


This week we finished are layout of the city and began in our minecraft world. We picked an island that we felt best suited the land that we needed for the city. I was tasked with clearing out the trees and land that we do not need in our city.

plan for city


This week I finished building the boat house and started to work on the tower. I also cleared out some more land to build houses on. Chase killed my pet horse.


This week we mapped out our city in minecraft. We made outlines of all the buildings that we are planning to build. I began work on the government building.


Scenario- A neighboring city is going through drought and famine. To help the city we are going give them water from the river or from the grocery store. We can give them some food from the farm. It will be transported by train to their city.

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