Brown University an overview of student life

Costs: tuition, fees, room, board, books, personal= $68,106 tuition, fees, books, personal (no room and board)= $54,906
Admissions Requirements: ACT- 30-34/36, SAT- Critical Reading= 660/770/800, Math- 670-780/800, Writing 670-780/800

6,320 Undergraduate students, 2,230 Graduate students, 523 Medical students,

Total of 9,073 Students

The student body comes from all 50 states and over 115 countries. 44% of the student body is white, 13% is Asian, 11% Hispanic, 7% African-American, 12% non-resident.

3 Interesting majors offered at Brown are biological and medical sciences, Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender and Group Studies, and Psychology
Students can live both on and off campus. Those who live on campus may be grouped by interest (ie. art, tech, language, Greek life, etc). Those who live off campus may live in Brown-owned apartments or housing or just regular apartments.
There's a wide variety of student activities offered at Brown- there's over 400 registered student organizations on campus. These include team and club sports, performance groups, political, social, and academic interest organizations, and religious, spiritual and cultural organizations. Students can attend campus lectures, performances, exhibitions, concerts, readings, and film screenings.

If a student is sick, he/she can visit the Brown Health Services, or the Brown Emergency Medical Services. This is a student-volunteer program staffed by students who are licensed RI EMTs. They provide medical care to students, faculty and staff.

When students are in need of homework help, they can visit the Math Resource Center and the Writing Center. Students can receive either group support or individual tutoring and one-on-one writing conferences.

If a student needs emotional support, he/she can visit the Counseling and Psychological Services. There are many resources for emotional support. Students can call the "ProtoCall Counselors" at any time for help, or visit the Online Self-Help Library which has resources of support for all kinds of issues.

Brown University has a great network of support, filled with medical, academic, emotional, and more resources to ensure the safety and success of each student. The large amount of student activities also allows an interesting, cultivated, and diverse student body.


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