Organic odor eliminator for stinky shoes, bags, gloves and more STOP 'EM SMELLING (250ML) SPRAY

STOP 'EM SMELLING organic odor control will help you love your shoes again. The more you sweat, the harder it works....

The self activating organic enzymes within the spray break down the sweat into odor free water and CO2. The process is 100% natural, hypo-allergenic, earth and water friendly.

Using the world's only plant-based moisture management system our organic solution moves moisture away from your foot, reducing the chance of blisters, and greatly reducing drying time.

STOP 'EM SMELLING can be used for any type of shoe - whether its trainers, shoes, boots, or more.

It works without socks and, of course, can be used on ANY stinky stuff!

600102 STOP 'EM SMELLING SPRAY (250ml)

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