What is Adobe Spark? by Stacey Roshan

Spark Pages

Use Page to create a presentation that will be laid out like a web page.

  • To create a well designed "web page" that can be created and published in minutes.
  • You can add: text, video, photos, and slideshows.

Spark Posts

Use Post to create images optimized for social media or Pinterest.

  • To create those Pinterest-worthy quotes, design them using Adobe post.
  • You provide the images and text and Adobe post will take care of the design.

Spark Video

Use Video to create a video presentation with voiceover!

  • For a very simplistic presentation that you want to add voice and/or music to.
  • The idea is that you'll be using minimal text and images in creating this type of presentation. You won't be able to add sentences or a series of bullet points.
Created By
Stacey Roshan


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