By Conor YOung

Design Brief: Using my knowledge of kinetic typography which we learned in class we have to create a film clip from a song of our choice. I will use techniques such as Kerning, Leading and Tracking. The clip will also involve fonts, size and weight to emphasize certain words.

Kinetic Typography Definition: Is the name for moving text in an animation clip to express certain ideas. The typography uses font, size and colour to evoke a emotion.

Photoshop Portrait in Words

Typography Prezi Summary Typography is the art and technique or arranging type. Typography involves font, size, color, weight and wording to emphasize certain things. Type is the foundation of print and web design. it is often studied in communication and interaction design. It is also used in creative outlets as an expressive art form.

Typeface refers to the design of the letter. Bold, weather or italics can be used to add emphasis or add strength to your text. Serif has extended corners to the letter and Sans-Serif is normal straight corners.

Tracking adjusts the space between letters. Leading adjusts the space between the lines. Kerning adjusts the distance between a specific set of letters. Legibility is how quick text can be read. Font is an important factor of legibility. Color is also important as it ensures that the text doesn't hurt your eyes.

Fonts can reflect style and emotion. Fonts can help communicate their meaning. Alignment modes for text are centered, justified, flush left and flush right. Alignment helps to break up the text making it simpler to read. Avoid stacking letters vertically as it makes it difficult for the viewer to read.

Hierarchy can emphasis some elements and ignore the others. This shows the viewer what bits are important and what bits aren't. Text can be manipulated into typographic portraits. This type of art is becoming a design trend.

Moving text is kinetic typography which is an animation technique which mixes motion and text to express ideas. It is used in many types of entertainment media being used in film titles, adverts and web page animation. Anamorphic typography makes text appear 3D through a wrapped or distorted image. This means it can only be viewed in a particular spot at a particular angle.

Different fonts

In this lesson we had to find fonts that match the words. This was interesting as it gave us ideas for typography. I used a variety of fonts I thought best matched the words.

A quote done using everything we learnt about typography.

In this lesson we printed out our name and with a pencil we then extended and played with the font. For this I used techniques like kerning, tracking and leading. Unfortunately I didn't have a felt tip pen so I had to use a marker.

Brainstorm Ideas for Kinetic Typography

My target audience is for students for both gender in year 7/8 who have an interest in Maths as the song is an educational one.

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