In the book Holes, Stanley is sent to Camp Green Lake because of a crime he committed. At this camp he meets people who have done things similar to him. Everyday each camper has to dig a hole five foot deep and five foot wide. But eventually he catches onto something and notices something changes. They weren't there just to dig for character, they were being used to find treasure for the warden.

In the movie, there isn't as much detail as the book. They cut out a lot of the smaller detail. It makes you constantly want to know what happens. It brings out the big scenes and catches your attention.

To me there weren't very many differences between the movie and the book. There were some minor things that changed but mostly the story remained the same. The book brought out the moral of the story a lot sooner than the movie did but the point still gets across to the viewer.

I think the book was better because it gives the whole story and tells every little detail. Going from reading the book and watching the movie it seems to not be the same in some parts. Not every one would read a book over watching a movie but this one is better


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