Texas long horns

I been to Texas 3 times and it took long having to travel Kansas to Texas. My Mom and Dad switch places every 2 hours. On the way there we got cup of corn and their corn is really great.

Texas Trains

When i was in Texas I saw 1 of these trains when me and my family wore going under a bridge. I ask my Mom if we can ride it, but she said NO!. They wore really cool and they went really fast.

Texas Hotels

I been to this hotel before and the thing that suck is that we wore on the six floor. I ask my Mom and Dad if we can go on the top. They said NO! so I just had to deal with it. I was super board because we had to be quiet and if we wasn't quiet they word kick us out.

Long Horns

We saw a Long Horn and was big and had long horns. I shown my Mom and Dad. There was a man that was selling them and I ask my Mom and Dad if we can buy one. But they said NO!. So the guy gave me a hat that had their faces on it.

When we wore in Texas we got to ride horses. They wore really fun to ride. and after the ride we got a shirt that had horses on it. Someday I wish to go back to Texas.


My 2nd time going to Texas was to go and see my grandma and grandpa. This time we took a bus instead, but it suck for me because on that bus I got sick. By the time we get there I through up on my grandpa and grandma.

Texas Hotels

This was the hotel we sleep in. My grandma and grandpa sleep together in a different room. Me and my family sleep in a different room. it might of look terrible on the outside but look nice in the inside.

pizza place

This was a pizza place that me and my family ate at. It wasn't very crowded because we went there in the morning. Their pizza was really good and I wish I can go back there again.

Texas Lake

5 hours later we went to the lake and went swimming, fishing, and had a cook out. When we wore out there we had balloons so I went to the lake and filled it up with water and another balloon. An I through it at my Mom and Dad. They got me back.

This is where we went to next but that's because we had to leave. It was fun while it lasted. But the thing that suck going back home is that I got sick again. But this time the bus driver stop when I had to through up.


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