Creative Covenant Task By Claire Hall - Year 8 Religious Education

Leviticus 26:11-13

"I will put my dwelling place among you, and I will not abhor you. I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people. I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt so that you would no longer be slaves to the Egyptians; I broke the bars of your yoke and enabled you to walk with heads held high."

Leviticus 26:11-13 Re-written

This text is the covenant between God and the people who were the slaves of the Egyptians. God set them free from the chains of slavery and enabled them to come out with pride. In return for what God's actions, he wanted them to make a covenant with the slaves. He would become the God and they would be his people.


With Claire Hall and an Egyptian Slave

The pain, the suffering, the cruelty and the slavery, too hard to imagine what you and the other slaves went through. As a bystander, I witnessed it all unfold, as God tamely and obediently set you all free the people from the bars of your yoke. The year 1400BC in Mount Sinai (Egypt), is a significant time in our lives today and for the future. This period in time will help to shape some of the history and major works of God. But let’s go back and understand what happened and talk to one of the Egyptian slaves about this significant event. We welcome you here today!

We go back to just last week, on the top of Mount Sinai. The Egyptians were enslaved by the Pharaoh and forced to work for him, they were put through pain and suffering, too hard to watch. One could only imagine what the poor people were going through. When down come God, the holy man, the saviour and everyone stopped and stared. It was like the light at the end of the dark road and I was only hiding and watching. Let’s ask one of the Egyptians what as running through their minds as they saw the figure approach.

The Egyptian smiled as he spoke his first word and continued to reply with passion and pride in his voice. “We worked day and night, with the yokes upon our backs (Leviticus 26:11-13), it was heavy and it made the day go so much slower. All we wanted was to be free, then a ‘light figure’ approached out in the distance of Mount Sinai. I have never been so relieved to see God. We all felt gush of relief and a sudden excitement and anticipation. We didn’t know what was going to happen or what he was going to say but we all had an instinctive feeling that we were going to be saved and the Pharaoh would be punished.”

A very fair, reasonable and relatable response. In your reply, you used the phrase ‘light figure’. What exactly is the meaning behind these powerful words and why have you chosen to use them in this context?

“Light figure! It’s a phrase I use to describe a person as the light at the end of the tunnel or the bright start of a clear and dark nights’ sky. I have used this in my analysis as it truly was a representation of God being the light at the end of our long and dark journey, hence the reason why I chose this abbreviation.” The Egyptian responded in upbeat voice.

What a wonderful way of describing God and his pure actions appearing and all his followers knowing of his good deeds. Now that we have covered God and his arrival on Mount Sinai, let’s discuss God’s asking in return of setting you all free. What was running through your mind and what did you say to him?

The Egyptian paused for a short second and then replied in a solemn voice. “After God appeared and set us all free from the bars of our yokes (Leviticus 26:11-13), he asked in return for us to make a covenant with him. We would become his people, follow his teachings and be obedient. I myself, believe that for God’s good work in setting us free, I will be his follower and I will walk alongside him and do his work.”

Wow! What God did is a true representation of good deeds and showed the importance of obedience which is the key message being portrayed. Being obedient or compliant is about being willing to comply with another order or request (in this case God’s wish for the covenant). All the Egyptians that were set free from the bars of their yoke, now walk with their heads held high (Leviticus 26:11-13). I know that they will agree with me when I say to always be obedient and obey the laws of God for it will do you good.

Reported by Claire Hall - 1400BC

Moses Biography

Made by Claire Hall with iMovie and uploaded to YouTube


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