Abrahamic Religions By- maRCO SALAZAR


  • The main prophet of Judaism is Moses
  • Abraham is the founder of Judiasm
  • Jews believe God doesn't have a body, Therefore, God is neither a boy or girl.
  • Judaism was the first of the 3 main religions, which is why the believers of Judaism do not believe in Jesus, or Muhammad or any other way but theirs.
  • The holy book of Judaism is the Torah.
  • Jewish holidays include- The Sabbath, the New Month, the Jewish New Year, Fast of Gedalia, etc


  • Christians recognize Jesus as the Son of God
  • Christians believe in the Trinity
  • Christians have The Bible
  • Christians have two sections of The Bible- Old Testament and New Testament
  • Christians talk to God through prayer
  • Jesus mother was Mary
  • Celebrates Christmas


  • The Quran is the Worship Book
  • Those who support Islam are called Muslim
  • Muslims believe there is only one God
  • The Arabic word for God is Allah
  • Muslims celebrate Ramadan, Ashura, etc
  • Main Prophet and Founder is Muhammad


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