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Books- Are They Being Taken Care of?

By Hana Terpstra

Books, the pinnacle of learning. The secret island of which we can escape on a daring adventure, have front-row seats on a budding romance, slam dunk in an NBA game, or be captured by bloodthirsty pirates. But our precious books- especially graphic novels- are being mistreated. Is it because of love or carelessness? Are graphic novels alone in this struggle, or our other books going down too? Which are the most precious of genres?

For example, readers in Ms. Turner’s 6th-grade classes have lost their chance with her graphic novels (left photo) Megan Tracy, a 6th grader in Ms. Turner’s class commented: “If people aren’t treating the books properly, then they shouldn’t be on the shelf.” The books are being left on tables or the floor, with the spines being stretched out or broken.

“It is so frustrating to me to see many books left on the tables, floors, wrong shelf when a class leaves my room. 95% of the books being treated this way are graphic novels. I realize that graphic novels are high-interest books to a lot of students, but they need to be treated better; they need to be taken care of if they have any chance of surviving the entire 6th grade year,” says Ms. Turner. Ms. Turner isn’t alone on this. Ms. Macmillan, or Ms. Mac, says she understands if some well-loved books have wear and tear, but doesn’t like her books on the floor at all.

Studies show the amount of money made by selling comics and graphic novels peaked in 2016 at 1.085 billion dollars. But in 2017, it dropped to 1.015 billion dollars. That’s a whole lot of money! But imagine all the people who bought them, then mistreated them. That’s also a truckload damaged books.

But how can we take care of books properly? “Not dropping on the ground and stepping on them. Treat them like a thing that is close to you,” said Sierra Tribby, 6th-grade book believer. Georgia Baxter, a fantasy book lover, told us she would be irritated if her favorite genre was left on the floor.

To answer the question of what genre is liked the most, we need your help! The newspaper has put out a poll. Help contribute and we will post the results in the next issue! Please take the poll only once. The link is below.

Comic done by Jenna Neelin

The Election- By: Piper Neubert

Governor Kate Brown was re-elected, November 8th, 2018. With 61 percent of the vote counted, “Brown had 50 percent of the vote and her opponent Republican Knute Buehler had 44 percent. Polls had predicted a tighter race.” States RegisterGuard.com. Kate was surprised, yet grateful for her fellow voters. There were many commercials going around from both points of views. They stated different ideas about education, immigration, housing prices and lastly Vaccines. People all have different points of view on the subject and we should respect all of them. Just because one of them won doesn’t stop the others from caring about our community. Sometimes elections makes people spread apart. But it doesn’t have to. We should respect everyone and their beliefs. Kate Brown won. And she may do things people may not like. But she's still trying to protect us.

Survive the Stress: Tips to Relax and Relieve Stress

As most people know, new years is a stressful time of the year. All the daily stresses of middle school life can be stressful for students as well as parents. Here are some tips to stay relaxed everyday.

  1. Meditate. It may sound crazy, but put on calm music and lay by the fire. Meditating not sitting and saying ¨ Mmmmm,” and sitting down. Focus on one body part at a time and feel it. What surfaces are they touching?
  2. Stretch. Move those hamstrings and host a stretching session with your guardians or older sister.
  3. Ahhh, heat. Lay down by the fire, drink hot chocolate, lye in a warm bath. The heat will relax you and calm you down.
  4. Distract yourself. Hang with some friends, watch a movie, or bake some cookies. It will take your mind off your stress.
  5. Read! Did you know that reading can reduce stress by 68%? Crack open that copy of Treasure Island!
  6. Practice gratitude. Do or make something for someone anonymously. It will take away stress and you will be full of a warm, good feeling.

Starbucks VS. Dutch Bros. by Emma Lundy

I am pretty sure most of you know what Starbucks and Dutch Bros is, Starbucks the nation wide coffee sensation. And Dutch Bros, the Pacific West Coast trend across all of Oregon. Which of the two is better, which will win in the ultimate challenge of coffee? Well I will tell you all about both of our contenders, starting off with Starbucks.

Starbucks, the most popular coffee shop across the nation. The first ever "Starbucks" was built in Seattle, Washington in 1971. The idea first started with roasting coffee beans. Three students from San Francisco were fascinated by this process and wanted to make a coffee shop. All three of them came up with a part of a name. The first part was "st", "Starb" , then they all had the idea of making it "Starbucks". The first ever building is still standing there today.

Now, an average American drinks about three cups of coffee each day. If you're buying Starbucks, that is about $1,100 on coffee a year. The Starbucks company making about 40 billion dollars annually in the US. Actually the largest and most expensive cup of coffee ever recorded was $149.00 in a New York Starbucks.

Not only is Starbucks good and tasty, but there comes a price to them, Calories and Sugar. The worst drink at Starbucks is the seasonal eggnog latte, 460 calories. All eggnog is, is fattening cream and sugar. This is such a bad drink for you, but sometimes when its the holidays its okay to have a drink like this, just not every day. Speaking of holiday drinks, as winter break creeps up on Highland Park students, I encourage you to go try a peppermint mocha, gingerbread latte or an eggnog latte, they will give you some holiday spirit.

Enough about Starbucks, now lets start on Dutch Bros. Dutch Brothers was founded/ built in 1992 on the Pacific Coast West. It is a newer coffee place, although it did not become very popular until recently, in 2012 it had 200 stores across the country mostly Oregon. The founders of Dutch was Dane and Travis Boersma who were dairy farmers at the beginning of their career. As they began to experiment with their dairy, they bought huge sacks of coffee beans to start their company. After their coffee became a hit, they began their own store in Grants Pass, Oregon. From there, their company only grew larger.

After a couple of years of this new company being up and running, was rated amoung the top ten companies to earn 150,000 - 500,000 dollars in one year, lower than Starbucks. The special thing I found out about Dutch Bros is that they sell 32 ounces drinks, Starbucks only sells up to 31 ounces. The most expensive drink at Dutch is the 32 ounce blue rebel or a 32 ounce dutch frost. Both costing around $6.50.

Now since Dutch Bros is mostly smoothies and non-coffee drinks, the worst drink for you at Dutch is the..... Well I actually don't really know because I swear the Dutch Bros list of coffee and drinks is way too long, but from what I found, it is the Kicker. This drink is more healthy when its iced than hot. When it is a 20 ounce iced Kicker it is 510 calories, for hot 20 ounce it is 610 calories. Now I know why its called the "Kicker" because it has so much caffeine.

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