IMPROVING TRAVEL MANAGEMENT SUPPORT A Travel and Transport Statesman Case Study

The Challenge

Travel is a vital part of Crown Agents’ ability to support its partners around the globe. The organization has always placed a keen focus on how its business travel program operates, the standard of service provided and the costs involved.

The Solution

Travel and Transport Statesman inherited a highly competent on-site team of agents, but the immediate challenge was to ensure that they benefited from an improved standard of central support and, in particular, a more structured account management program.

The introduction of Travel and Transport Statesman’s business planning process, underwritten by improved management data and formal reviews, provided Crown Agents with the confidence that the travel program could provide cost-effective support for its international network.

The Result

Following the completion of a formal review process, Crown Agents said, “Travel and Transport Statesman instinctively knew what was required to improve our travel program. Their management team gave a personal commitment from the start to support us at every level throughout the organization and that attention has not waivered at any time.”

Find out how you can bring more structure to your business travel policies and program


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