RSPCA Journal Entry 1 Tara Mohammadi



RSPCA is a non profit non government organisation dedciated to helping animals of all shapes and sizes by providing shelter, food and medical care. the rspca also helps rescue animals from abusive homes and helps them find a loving family.


the target audicencd foe this advedrtisemnt iis anyine who has aq love and passion for helping animals in need, the possible target audicednce is anyone in a postion fodter or adopt an aimal but laso someone willinng to donate to help suoport the RSPCA so that they can help more animals in need.


The purpose for this deisgn is to genrate symathy and empathy for the animals in need at the shelter and to encourage possible customers to adopt or to foster a pet. The design is also meant to be informative about the qualities and morals of RPCA and I aim to make sure that the design portrays these qualities.


Visual communication plays a huge role in this design because it helps generate sympathy and will help promote the RSPCA and what role they play in helping animals in need.


some of the constraints in this design process would be the budget and the time and possibly the distribution of the design to the audience.



The RSPCA offers many different services a recent service Pet Insurance the RSPCA understands that Pets cost a lot and if they sustain and injury or illness it can be very expensive so this new program helps pet owners manage the cost and helps keep the pet healthy and safe.


The Audience for the RSPCA as mentioned earlier is anyone with a love for animals of all breeds,shapes and sizes. The RSPCA offers many different services to help pet owners keep the pets happy and healthy. The RSPCA is a non- profit non- government organisation so it is a great cause to donate to for anyone who is interested.


Pet Stores and other animal stores are a big competition for the animals at the RSPCA because nowadays everyone wants new puppies of specific breeds but at the RSPCA if you adopt an animal they usually come with all their vaccinations, desexed. This is why it is a good idea to adopt from the RSPCA because not only are you providing a home for an animal in need but you are creating space for more potential animals.


My design represents a campaign that is against animal cruelty. It shows the sympathy and empathy for the animals who are in doubt.

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