Pike Place Market photo essay project

There are many stories in the Pike Place Market area. This will allow each of you to focus on your own personal perspective of what is interesting or unique in this target rich environment. For example, you might focus on the colors ranging from produce to handmade goods while other students focus on the cultural diversity of the population.
Photo Essay Plan

You will be expected to tell a story with your photos and words when we get back. It helps to start with a plan but be flexible once you get there. Here are some ideas for subjects of your story

  • Culinary diversity
  • Cultural diversity
  • Colors, textures and patternS
Simple Acts of Kindness



Stay with your partner

- no one should be alone on the trip. If you get separated from your group everyone should meet back at Rachel the Piggybank under the Market sign. Exchange cell phone numbers if you have them so you can call each other.

Respect business owners

- Talk with business owners before taking photographs, don’t block customers or touch products without permission


- If you are bringing a sack lunch, there are public seating areas in the Economy building Atrium and Lower Level (next to the Gum Wall); Waterfront viewing area next to Soundview Café; levels below Pike Place; and in the Sanitary Market and Soames-Dunn buildings. Many groups have lunch at Steinbrueck Park, in the north end of the Market, when weather permits. If you are purchasing food make sure to bring plenty of money as food is expensive here since it is a tourist attraction.


- There are four sets of public restrooms, two on each side of Pike Place the brick street: downstairs from Rachel the Piggybank; downstairs from City Fish; in the Sanitary Market; and in the Soames-Dunn building.

Be Prepared

  • Bring a can of food for the food bank
  • Charge up your phone and camera
  • No tripods allowedI
  • Where layers of cloths in case it is cold
  • Bring a small backpack for water and carrying your goodies


Field Trips

Bring students to the Pike Place Market on a field trip and go from being teacher to rock star! There are so many teaching opportunities at the Market, and with planning, educators create a memorably fun and educational experience. Students can learn how to create a business by using Market merchants as a model. They can learn about how historic architecture creates a sense of place. They can learn the art of display, and entertaining customers while they shop. The list of possibilities is endless.

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