Disney On Ice By McKenzie Feldman

Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream

One of my goals for senior year is to be more spontaneous. Well, my last-minute decision to attend Disney On Ice was, not to be dramatic, one of the best choices I have made in a while. Of course, I was skeptical to be seen among a room full of little children. However, I did not feel out of place at all. I was not the only teenager to be seen belting out the lyrics to their favorite childhood songs. I got to see my some of my favorite Disney characters and stories come to life through the artistry of ice skating, and it was, quite honestly, spectacular!

Themes often found in Disney stories are centered around family, love, and kindness. Walt Disney's creations have always taught us to dream big, and that is exactly what this show made crystal clear. Thus, this year's production of Disney On Ice had reinforced the idea to remain bold and brave in our lives. Through compelling performances of the tales we love, families were captivated by this magically executed reminder. Check out some of the highlights of this poised production.

Skaters warm up and stress the importance of exercise to the audience

The story of Beauty and The Beast hits the ice first with the famous "Be Our Guest" Scene.

Cinderella rides in her elegant carriage on the way to the ball.

Maximus kicks off the story of Tangled.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider embark on their fun-flying adventure.

Characters remind us that everyone has a dream they wish to pursue.

Olaf warm the ice with the famous scene of "In Summer"

Elsa finally lets it all go.

The biggest hit was the show-stopping performance of Moana.

The characters take one final bow.

I was thoroughly impressed with the way in which Disney On Ice put these stories together. Whether you realize it or not, a theme begins to emerge in each tale. Not only do you get to feel like a little kid again and swoon over your childhood heroes, but you also realize the power behind dreams of courage, love, success, and finding yourself. I loved, loved, loved this show, and I would not be surprised to find myself at another one the next time it comes to The Triangle.

Photo's by McKenzie Feldman

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