Art in Mathematics Mathematics in Art

Welcome to the MIGSAA programme

Mathematics is the foundation of all creation and can be applied to everything

Learn how to apply your mathematics to any sphere of life

Our natural world is made up of number combinations

Even the wind is a stream of numbers and waves!

The beauty of our world is an intricate mesh

Wherever you look mathematics is the foundation

Be an innovator and learn how to deconstruct your world!

Created By
Isabelle Hanlon


Created with images by ciokkolata_is_ashamed_of_silvio_burlesquoni - "2274627964_k8" • rutger_vos - "Tafel_091_300" • bortescristian - "Teror" • mikemol - "Fern stem and leaves" • James St. John - "Diploria strigosa fossil symmetrical brain coral (Cockburn Town Member, Grotto Beach Formation, Upper Pleistocene, 114-127 ka; Cockburn Town Fossil Reef, San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 2" • Freeimages9 - "bark tree wood" • VolkerSchnaebele - "silver-studded blue common blue plebejus argus" • Ozzy Delaney - "Rusty Skylight" • Freeimages9 - "leaf background lines" • Tisanist - "water flower blue" • Mike Prince - "Rafflesia keithii" • VolkerSchnaebele - "silver-studded blue common blue plebejus argus"

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