My name is Judith Andeyo Olimba, the Founder and Director of Children with Disabilities Support Organization In Kenya... Read the Story

Felgona was the reason for the beginning of this Organization. One time as I walked through the slums of Majengo to the Market, I heard some noise from a locked house and was interested to know who was there.

I peeped through a small window and saw this little beautiful Girl living with Cerebral Palsy. The mother had left her there to go and sell water for their daily bread. The neighbours told me to check on them in the evening, when I came back I met this lady who is a single mother of four who had been abandoned by the husband due to their Child's Disability. I began the Shalom Foundation which then grew to and we named it Angel Lexi Community Based Organization that has grown with many Children in Different Counties in Kenya that is called Children With Disabilities Support Organization. Felgona was enrolled in one of the Special Schools in Kenya and is doing well.

It was my choice to support Children with Disabilities because in our Country and Continent, many people still term Disability as witchcraft or bad omen. Most of those that suffer rejection are those from poor backgrounds where they can not afford Special Schools, Medical Care and Cover, Equipment and other Ambulatory Aid.

Since beginning in 2013, Judith and her team have registered 159 children in special schools and have helped many children with disabilities and their families access supports and services.

My name is Esther, mother to Felgona, living with Cerebral Palsy. My husband walked away and left us to marry another wife after realizing that our daughter was born with the Disability. I was left to both care for my three children and be a fulltime Nurse to Felgona. Time came when we could go without food because of taking care of her.

I chose to lock my daughter in the house while I went to look for jobs to help raise money for food. As I worked out there my heart was left at home with my daughter, I cried as I worked and could not stay at a job for long before losing it.

Judith visited us in 2014 and suggested that we enroll Felgona in a School where she could get help, health care, therapy and fed by school nurses, this was not only a relief but my daughter now has a family of children like her, great care that I could not afford to give her, therapy and medication plus education.

I do not know how to thank Children with Disabilities Support Organization more.

*Felgona's name was changed for the purpose of sharing this story.

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