Women in Fabrication: Zayed College for Girls AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Women in Fabrication is a collaborative platform that empowers female high school students, architecture students and young architects through design and construction. The project partnered with Zayed College for Girls to improve its built environment and interface with the community, by constructing a pavilion near the school entrance where students can wait for their parents after school. To ensure the users of the space have an active voice in the project, workshops were held in the college, where students learned about basic principles of design and technology, provided input on the most suitable location of the pavilion and developed concept designs for this structure. They were mentored by female architecture students and young architects, as well as their everyday teachers. The design process celebrated the rich cultural diversity that is part of this community, including the application of Te Aranga principles that honour New Zealand’s indigenous culture, as well as the integration of Islamic traditions that are an integral part of the school’s philosophy. The discussions, concepts and ideas from the workshops will inform the final design of the pavilion. The pavilion will then be designed and constructed by a group of female architecture students and professionals, using digital fabrication technology to maximize efficiency and minimize waste of resources. The fabrication stage will also strengthen teamwork and leadership skills for women architects and students.

CATEGORY: Education SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

BY: Women in Fabrication

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Community participation will be developed through the school, by involving students, teachers and the school board. By engaging with them, the project will be able to respond to their own needs and values. By strengthening the connection between people and the places they share, this collaborative process will lead to place making with better integration within the community.

PARTNERS: The main partners are Zayed College for Girls and Unitec Institute of Technology. The college has provided support for the workshops to take place, provided the space and teachers to assist in the program for students. Unitec has provided funding and equipment for the project, as well as knowledge and assistance from a lecturer of digital fabrication. Building industry stakeholders will also partner with the project for the fabrication of the pavilion – the companies Ecoply, Futurebuild LVL, and Resene will be collaborating and sponsoring materials for the construction of the pavilion.




Priscila Besen, Yusef Patel, Kate Olsen, Joelle Tolentino, Alyssa Haley, Sarah Loggie, Regina Rasheed, Alice Couchman, Krupa Patel, Amber Ruckes